Double Blue Tick in WhatsApp

Think of a day when you have not used WhatsApp , its not possible …!!!

Think you have sent a message to your friends or colleagues and he/she has not replied and you think he/she has not read your message.

Here comes solution for this, Today WhatsApp released an update for indicating the message read notification to users.

Earlier whenever you send a message and after it gets delivered you could see double grey ticks and single tick for your sent status.

But now you would be able to see one more notification as “double blue tick” as indicator for you message has been read by opposite party.

If you don’t see the blue “double blue tick“, it means that opposite party has still not read your message.



In the above image the double blue tick message has been read by the recipient and double grey tick is delivered but not read

So this can be very helpful in case of some emergency situation as well, as we think if we send message he must have read it but at times people have a tendency to look all messages during night as WhatsApp is flooded with messages for timepass groups.

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