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A 9 year old become Microsoft Master

Who says Indian are not talented? When it comes to India, parents are reluctant to give access to computers to their children until their college or utmost necessary. After hearing the report, I think parents will allow their children to work on computers right from childhood. In the recent news, from TOI, “9-year-old boy becomes

Its anniversary of our beloved SMS

Its anniversary of our beloved SMS…!!! Yes you heard me right, this is the day – December 3 1992, two decades ago when first sms was sent. The message was “Merry Christmas” from a British Engineer named Neil Papworth. And over the two decade million of users around the globe have started using SMS as

Download Android App to PC

Today, one of my friend was asking how to download any Android App and keep it in PC and use it again and again. To this my immediate reaction was when you download any app from Google Play Store, it gets associated with your account and in future you can retrieve it again. But his