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  1. Hello Admin
    We are kaimzz a brand new relationship application. you can check our website or application on google play store and ios also, we want to share some blogs related relationship to your website. please let us know the procedure.
    Waiting for your valuable response.
    Thank you very much
    Team Kaimzz

  2. Hey Admin
    I have my own website and mobile application calling kaimzz. A relationship application. a futuristic application. it’s not like another dating app, we truly belives in real relationships.
    we want to post blogs on your website. please guide us. you can check us on
    our blog page- https://kaimzz.com/blogs
    we have really good fresh own made, clean safe content to post.
    please let us know.
    we would love to featured on your website.
    Team Kaimzz

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