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Godaddy New Domain Registration @ Rs 109

Hello Friends, once again welcome to – your ultimate guide for blogging knowledge. After following this blog many of you must have thought of starting their blog. So, I have fantastic coupon for you guys for Godaddy New Domain Registration @ Rs 109.   Yes you heard me right, Godaddy one of the biggest

Where to register domain name?

Hello and welcome back to, I hope now you have got enough understanding about the domain name and you are ready to get one for yourself. Now, big question arises, “From Where can I get a domain name?” The question to this answer is very simple. ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers)

What kind of domain name should I select?

Hello and welcome back to, today we are again going to have some more knowledge sharing on “Domain Names”. In initial post I have told “What is domain name?” and “Different TLDs of Domain Name“. Today we would see what kind of domain name you should select. Domain name are selected for your business

Different TLD for Domain Name

Hello Friends, welcome back to Initially I posted “What is domain Name?” In this post about different TLD for domain name. A TLD is the last part of any domain name Eg: .com is the TLD for the name As described combination name and TLD makes the domain name unique All the TLD

What is domain name?

What is domain name? First of all welcome to this is my new blog and completely dedicated on blogging. Before starting on blogging topics, I would like to share “What is domain name?” A domain name is a unique name for a web site, like on the internet. The complete domain name has