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WordCamp Mumbai 2016

Hello WordPress fans and users local Mumbai WordPress community is organizing 4th WordCamp Mumbai 2016 and 3rd in a row. No need to say, Mumbai carries many WordPress lover starting from bloggers to Pro Developers, End User to Readers of WordPress and this camp would be a platform for interacting with each other at the

How to install wordpress using cPanel

Hello and welcome back to In my earlier post I mentioned “Advantages of having self hosted blog“. So many of you must be willing to have your own blog on wordpress as wordpress is one of the best platform for blogging. In this article, I will tell you how to install wordpress using cpanel

What is better – Blogger vs WordPress

That’s the million dollar question that I’ve asked. Ok! Not the million dollar but probably one of the critical and most discussed. In fact, most of newbies start their journey with blogger and end up using  WordPress. However, they are few who don’t like to pay for hosting and sticks to using Blogger. Today, in

Advantages of having self hosted blog

Hello fans and friens and welcome to In my previous article I explained different type of blog on wordpress ( vs In this article I will explain the advantages and benefits of having self hosted wordpress blog i.e. from You can have free blog from, but in case you want to

How to setup feedburner for your blog and activate email subscription

Hello and welcome back to In this tutorial I will explain how to setup feedburner and activate RSS subscription for your blog on When you have your blog on you get a sub domain from specific) or your own self hosted wordpress blog For eg: this is my test blog