How to install wordpress using cPanel

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In my earlier post I mentioned “Advantages of having self hosted blog“. So many of you must be willing to have your own blog on wordpress as wordpress is one of the best platform for blogging.

In this article, I will tell you how to install wordpress using cpanel of your hosting account.

Download WordPress

Step 1:

Go to Download latest version of wordpress in .zip or .tar.gz format into your machine. Downloading latest version gives you updated code against any vulnerability in previous version. Currently

v3.6 “Oscars” is the stable version available on the site as of August 2013

Login in cPanel

Step 2:

Log into your hosting account with the credential you have. Go to cPanel in your account.
Bluehost and Hostgator are the famous hosting provider and they have cpanel enabled with your account, but other hosting companies may or may not give you cpanel like iPage provide its own panel

Step 3:

From the files section click on “File Manager” to traverse to the file section with in cPanel. A new window open with file operation menu. Create a “New Folder” under which you want to install wordpress or else you can install in root as well.

Tips: In case you have multi-domain hosting and installing in other domain than the sub domain then go to the folder where you have pointed the domain either main domain or add-on domain. This can be handled from the “Addon Domain” under Domains

Upload Files

Step 4:

Click on “Upload” to upload the downloaded WordPress installer zip or tar.gz

Note: You should upload the installer in the folder where your domain or sub domain is pointing

Step 5:

Extract the wodpress installer in that folder. When you extract the installer you will see one more folder “/wordpress”

For eg: I want to install under “/krazypost” then after extracting it will be “/krazypost/wordpress/”.

Now you need to move all files to “/krazypost” by copy pasting from “/krazypost/wordpress/” and deleting the “/krazypost/wordpress/” folder completely to avoid confusion. Also you delete the installer zip for avoiding confusion

Run Installation

Step 6:

Now when you hit your url in browser you will see a button for creating a configuration file

Create Config File
Create Config File

Step 7:

Click on that and proceed further you will see “Welcome to WordPress” screen

Welcome to WordPress
Welcome to WordPress

Step 8:

Click on “Let’s Go” you would be asked to enter database credential.

Database Credential for Installation
Database Credential for Installation

Tip: How to create database and database user using phpmyadmin

Step 9:

Enter the necessary details and click on “Submit”.

Case 1: If all the details are proper you will go ahead in the installation

Install WordPress
Install WordPress

Case 2: If any of the data mis-matches if will give error as seen. Verify the details again and try again.

Database Error
Database Error

Step 10:

If all the details are proper it will ask you to “Run Install”

Run Install
Run Install

Step 11:

After you “Run Install” it will ask for basic site details, fill that up and click on “Install WordPress”. The login credential is important and will be used to login into WordPress after installation

Installation Complete
Installation Complete

Step 12:

After that the Installer will run and after completion will show Success message and will ask you to login with credential you set before installation in Step 11.

Your wordpress is ready for your creativity on that. Happy Blogging.

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  1. First to say thanks for sharing this nice guide. Because i am new in blogging and don’t about installing wordpress from cpanel. So your guide is very helpful for me. So thanks about it. You describe it step by step so very helpful for me.

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