How to select Web hosting for your site or blog?

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In previous article I mentioned about creating self hosted blog, for this you required proper web hosting from some provider.

In this article I will focus on minor points which are very important for selecting web hosting for your blog or website.

Web Hosting
Web Hosting

Things which are important to be considered before opting for a web hosting:

OS of server:

This is now a day’s very important factor, for selecting server, though this may not be available to in the description every time. But you can surely verify it with customer care.


The different OS are:

  1. Linux(Red Hat, Ubuntu, CentOs)
  2. Windows Server

Linux is much more stable and favorable

Database and back-end

After having your site designed, second things comes is database or backend data storage. This is utmost important because in dynamic website/blog, data is stored in database.


Different data storage available are

  1. MySQL (Open Source)
  2. MSSQL
  3. MSAccess

MySQL is open source and freely available. Most of the bloggers who use wordpress have MySQL as the database. But what about who develop their own website/blog, they have options available to them.

I personally prefer MySQL, Also you should check no of database and size of each database would be available from the hosting provider.

Space and Bandwidth:

After the infrastructure of server (OS & Database) comes one more important factor is Space and Bandwidth. The amount of space you would be allotted for you and bandwidth for use.

Bandwidth-and-Web Space
Bandwidth-and-Web Space

It may so happen you take up only 1GB of space and your website takes 1.2 GB, in that case your website will go out of space and you would have to order more space. So analyse before the space you would require for your website.
The same is the case with your bandwidth, estimate no of users would be coming to your website and will that web hosting provider be able to sustain the traffic

Always it’s better to clarify this first.



Now you have your server with internet connectivity, OS and database, it’s now time to see the Uptime response of your server. When you have your blog/website live, you need to make sure that its accessible and live most of the time.So you require uptime of 100%, but in practical scenario it difficult to manage 100% but you can see to it that it attains up to 100%

Backup and Security:

After Up-time, now it’s time to see your benefits like backup of your source code, database and security of them within the server. Does the web hosting provider have that in place? Do they really care for the customer valuable information?


This information is very much important, as you are having a website or blog which would be your business.


Now when you have all this things done,its time to see does the web hosting suites your pocket, is it in your budget?
It may so happen that you have selected best of everything but the cost has raised to more than your expectation.So you need to compromise at some place.

Your cost
Your cost

If you could figure this out then you can go ahead with them.

This are few minor points need to be clarified with each web hosting provider and avoid getting in some false committing provider. You always have discussion forums to discuss each web hosting , its pros and cons before selecting the same.

Hope this article was helpful to and you would not make any mistake is selecting the right web hosting for your blog.

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  1. Great to see your tips on the same topic that I recently wrote. thank you Sahil for the nice compilation. You need to look a few more things apart from the ones you’ve pointed out here such as server location and your targeted traffic, their support system and effectiveness and so on.

  2. Thanks for sharing your views mate. Most worrysome is uptime. All host says we got 99.99% uptime unfortunately i seems false to me. I hosted my website with one of the popular name in domain n hosting market. Unfortunately they have more downtimes then a free host i previously used.

  3. Hi Sahil,

    That’s a great post with great pointers to what to look for when deciding on a hosting service.

    It will sure help answer so many questions for so many people looking for a hosting service.

    Thanks Sahil for another great post.

    Be Blessed,


  4. Hi admin
    Nice article, linux hosting is best I think. And many bloggers frnds using hosting from hostgator. and they are very satisfied from that.
    Thanks for sharing the article 🙂

  5. Great tips. Thanks for sharing this great article about choosing the right web hosting ideal for our blog or site. This is indeed helpful.

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