Which blogging platform to select?

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In the recent articles, we talked about

What is blogging?
Domain Names

Today, we would touch something more on blogging.


As, you know blogging is something, article written in reverse chronological order. Its a type of online diary which is readable by audience over the internet.

To have your blog you need some platform to publish your article on the internet. To have your blog, there are multiple option available to get your post published.

My Blog
My Blog

Two most favorable/advice-able platforms preferred are

  • Blogger
  • WordPress

There are many other platform for blogging which are not that popular, but they exist and used among some bloggers.

Blogging on Blogger.com

Blogger provide a free platform for blogging on blogspot.com. If you are new in blogging and wants to start a blog you can very well opt for blogspot.com. No worries about any cost.


Blogspot provides a subdomain as

EG: http://krazypost.blogspot.com

There are multiple theme available for blogger which you can select one for your self. Blogger also provides a feature of pointing custom domain domain to your blog free of cost.

Pros of Blogger Platform

  • Free service
  • Use of custom domain name

Cons of Blogger Platform

  • Customization is difficult and sometimes not possible
  • No access to codes

Blogging on WordPress

There are two option with wordpress



Free blogging on wordpress.com

Similar to blogger, if you want to have free platform for your blog on wordpress go for wordpress.com. Here you can select your own blog name for your blog and you get a free sub-domain for wordpress.com for your blogging.

Eg: http://thisismyblog.wordpress.com

Also, similar to blogger, wordpress does give pointing custom domain name to your blog but its not free but platform is completely free.

So, if you are newbie in blogging, you can opt for sub-domain on wordpress. WordPress also give a feature of having mutiple plugins from the directory to be used in the blog.

Also there are multiples themes available. The community of wordpress developers is vast to have support for it.

Pros ofย  WordPress.com

  • Free Blogging service
  • Huge directory of plugins and themes
  • Updated automatically

Cons of WordPress.com

  • Custom domain pointing is not free
  • No access to codes

Paid blogging from wordpress.org

Paid blogging here, doesn’t mean you have to pay for publishing, but for the setup of your blog. This blogs are also known as self hosted blog. From wordpress.org you can download the source code of wordpress which can be hosted on your server(web hosting) and can have your own custom domain name.

The wordpress is built on PHP-MYSQL, so can hosted on windows and linux environment depending on your requirement.

Pros of wordpress.org

  • Source Code avaiable
  • Custom domain name and brandable
  • Self hosted

Cons of wordpress.org

  • Self hosted, so need to maintain it manually
  • Need to update manually for new updates
  • Pay for domain and hosting

Choice is Yours:

Now, choice is your, which hosting platform to be selected for your blog which depends upon your seriousness in blogging and dedication.


If you are newbie: go for blogger.com
If you have some technical knowledge: go for self hosted blog

Blogger or WordPress
Blogger or WordPress

In the upcoming post, I will help you to setup your blog on all the respective platform.

Give your suggestion on blogging platform in the comments section below.



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