What kind of domain name should I select?

Hello and welcome back to www.krazypost.com, today we are again going to have some more knowledge sharing on “Domain Names”.

In initial post I have told “What is domain name?” and “Different TLDs of Domain Name“. Today we would see what kind of domain name you should select.

Domain name are selected for your business / personal website / support forums / community website / blogs / college festival / etc.

Selecting a Domain Name
Selecting a Domain Name

The first thing when you say you can find our details on our website, the first thing they ask you what’s your website address / domain name. So selecting a proper domain name is very much important

Here are some of the tips and points you should remember before selecting a domain name.

Name should reflect your purpose

Domain name be such that it should reflect the purpose of your business / type of your business.
Normally we won’t get the exact desired name which we require so at that time select name somewhere nearly having same type.

A domain should give your customer, what will this site/blog will be all about.

Eg: If you keep a domain name as “www.iamworkingonline.com” but the actual content is something else which is no where related to working online. It creates a negative impression on the customer. So select a domain which closely resembles your purpose

Short and Sweet

The next important thing, is that the domain name you select should be short and sweet , which is easy to remember. Sweet doesn’t mean by actual sweetness, but it should be accepted by all age groups.

Eg1: The business website of Tata Consultancy Services is www.tcs.com
which is easy , short and sweet

Eg2: www.krazypost.com which is implies blogging niche and stuff related to blogging
This implies the purpose of blogging also and not that short but acceptable by all groups

Eg3: A domain name like www.itstoolongdomainnameregisteredwithustoday.com Now if you have such a long name, who is going to remember this kind of domain name.

Avoid Hyphen (-)

The domain name can not contain any special characters with the name except the hypen(-) which can be used for combination.

Though hyphen is allowed in the domain name, try to avoid such character with the domain name while selecting a domain name for your website / blog

Unique and Brand-able

Up-til now we discussed the steps for selecting the name, now another important factor while selecting the name is that you should try to select a name which can be made as your brand and is unique and avoid selecting name which resemble other brands

Eg: You should avoid the word “Reliance” with in your domain name, as Reliance is already a brand and they hold all the copyrights issue with them. Also you can’t create your brand with such names

TLD Selection

As described in the previous post, there are multiple TLDs available from which you can select any one for your website / blog. But, its a practice that normally people tend to select a .com domain name which is widely accepted.

Though, you think of a name and surely you won’t get a .com domain name for the same, but you can try some combination with words like “my”,”the”, “all”, etc. With this you can create some unique name for yourself.

Your Choice

Hope now you are done with what kind of domain name Should you select.

In the next post, I will explain from where can you search a domain name and register a domain name for yourself.

5 thoughts on “What kind of domain name should I select?”

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  2. hello sahil , agree with u bro we should choose a domain name which is easy to remember , easy to write and related with your niche.
    thanks for sharing .

  3. HI Sahil,

    NIce Query about the Domain Registration. i am totally agree with you . Actually i am bit Confused to buy the New Domain name , problem is, i don’t understand that what kind of doman i select? but now i am clear because which you have explaind about it , Its helpful for us, thanks for sharing this post.

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