Its anniversary of our beloved SMS

Sms Service

Its anniversary of our beloved SMS…!!!

Sms Service
Sms Service

Yes you heard me right, this is the day – December 3 1992, two decades ago when first sms was sent. The message was “Merry Christmas” from a British Engineer named Neil Papworth.

And over the two decade million of users around the globe have started using SMS as a medium of communicating for small chit chat or some important work or giving sms wishes.

Over few years, technology have evolved so much with impact of internet and declining usage of SMS, SMS though remains favorite reason of many for the passing information related to banks transaction, train PNR status, etc.

SMS service in vernacular language has also been evolved as a part of increasing usage of SMS even among the rural areas.

But as I see technical revolution, I fear would there be SMS usage after other 1-2 decade. I really doubt.

In-spite of putting ban on no. of sms to be sent from TRAI, the people still continues to use 160 complete SMS service, where as the you get 140 SMS service from free and other such provide.

Now-a-days smartphones users have options of whatsapp but how would one rely on the data security of whatsapp server. Blackberry users have BBM, but you need to have BB service activated for that.

So in short cheap and best remain SMS, So i wish SMS to long forever and Happy Birthday.

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