WordCamp Baroda 2014 Recap

WordCamp Baroda 2014

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Today I am going to share my experience about attending WordCamp Baroda 2014. Please forgive as I am late for this. ūüėõ

First of all to start with, you can view the details about the WordCamp Baroda Initiative and how I came across about such event.

WordPress community is one of the biggest community around the world and event such as WordCamp happen round the world. For upcoming wordcamp please refer http://central.wordcamp.org/schedule/

Attending WordCamp Baroda is my second WordCamp and first in Baroda,my first WordCamp was in Pune 2013.

WordCamp Baroda 2014 was planned long back by Rahul Banker, who is the key person behind organizing such a big and successful event.


To start with, the event was held at “Parul Group of Institutes” in Baroda. As there was some parallel event going on in the venue, there¬†was little delay in starting the event. But once started, it was really awesome.

Speaker #1: Annkur Agrawal(https://twitter.com/annkur)

Ankur Agrawal
Ankur Agrawal

Annkur Agrawal is the co-founder of Pricebaba.com and blogger as well. He talked about going “mobile”. The main focus was why should your¬†web app should be mobile friendly, how people have started moving from desktop/laptop to mobile.

He mentioned about “dinosaurs” – not real dinosaurs but the coders who not focus on the mobile users.
He quoted most important fact about “YouTube” as biggest search engine and “Opera” as second most loved browser.

Speaker #2: Siobhan Mckeown(https://twitter.com/SiobhanPMcKeown)

Siobhan Mckeown
Siobhan Mckeown

Siobhan McKeown works around WordPress and provides copywriting service for WordPress.Siobhan talked more about using free software.

After this we went for lunch trying out Gujarati food and sweets.

Speaker #3: Jaydip Parikh(https://twitter.com/JaydipParikh)

Jaydip Parikh
Jaydip Parikh

Jaydip is know as #SEObaba and run http://www.jaydipbaba.com, he mostly talked about blogging and eCommerce. He talked about affliate marketing and stuff. Blogging has a major impact now-a-days for eCommerce.

Speaker #4: Saurabh Shukla(https://twitter.com/saurabhyapapaya)

Saurabh Shukla
Saurabh Shukla

I met Saurabh for the first time in Pune WordCamp 2013, he is basically a WP developer and speaks in and around WP. In Baroda he spoke about hooks,filters and API in WP, how hooks benefits us (us means developers). What are different kind of filters and hooks in WP.

This session was though technical, but the way he presented was awesome, even the not tech guys must have understood it.

Speaker #5: Prasath Nadarajah(https://twitter.com/nprasath002)

Prasath is code wrangler at Automattic and he explained more on hooks demonstrating through code. He basically explained a simple example of sending a simple email once a post is published.

After this we had networking session and debating how was this day useful, how can this community grow and stuff like that.

Day 2 started with standing reciting our National Anthem in the audi.

Speaker #6: Amit Kumar Singh(https://twitter.com/thecancerus)

Amit Kumar Singh
Amit Kumar Singh

Amit Kumar Sighn runs a WordPress service provider company in Pune. He mostly explained basic about the WP Admin dashboard, though this was

not in the agenda, it was added on public demand to understand about the WordPress admin section

Speaker #7: Harsh Agrawal(https://twitter.com/denharsh)

Harsh Agrawal
Harsh Agrawal

No one in the blogging world needs explanation who this person is, he runs a famous blog http://www.shoutmeloud.com, he talked mostly on “How to make WordPress SEO Friendly”, though this topic was at very basic, but some points he covered was about having long tail keyword,¬†onpage seo, offpage seo.

Speaker #8: King Sidharth(https://twitter.com/kingsidharth)

King Sidharth
King Sidharth

Sidharth mainly explained about the “Typography”. He explained why its important. He quoted, “Every kind of font has its own purpose”,¬†“Content is your property don’t outsource”, mentioned “Golden typography calculator”

Speaker #9: Samuel Sidler(https://twitter.com/samuelsidler)

Samuel Sidler
Samuel Sidler

Samuel Sidler explained more about the WordPress community, how to get involved in it, what are the benefits of that. How different people get involved with in the community.

Speaker #10: M Nagaranjan

M Nagaranjan
M Nagaranjan

M Nagaranjan is IAS officer in Gujarat. He explained Open Source in Government, how  WordPress Community can be helpful to Government. He show cased few sites and test cases about the Government sites in WordPress. He explained about the Government being the doors for opportunity.

Speaker #11:

Sathish Nagarajan
Sathish Nagarajan


Sathish talked about creating Large scale web app using WordPress.

After this, all the volunteers and speakers were awarded. There was photo session. after that. You can ref the photos here  .

Final Speech:

DreamFoot.in team covered the whole event and finally interviewed many attendee (unluckily I was not one). But it was real fun.

You can view the video here:

To come to end, I might have not learned much on WordPress but interacting with new people in community was really awesome.

Now if you are fan of WordPress and want to attend one such WordCamp, there is one upcoming WordCamp in Mumbai on 15-16 March 2014. Please do ref http://2014.mumbai.wordcamp.org

So, all my friends see you in Mumbai who wants to learn more on it. I will publish more details soon.

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