Details about renewal grace period and redemption period for domain names

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Many of us have many secondary domain names which are not so important and we normally tend to forget the renewal dates of those domain names. And once its expired we feel that we can not renew the domain name.

Truly this is not the fact, Today I will tell the actual scenario what happens

Lets go with an example for this.

Eg: Domain name “”, I registered this domain on 10th Dec 2012

So the domain will expire on 10th Dec 2013 and I need to renew it by on or before 10th Dec 2013

Grace Period for Domain Names

Def: “A Renewal Grace Period is the time during which a domain owner can renew an expired domain at the regular renewal price. This period typically lasts for 40 days, depending on the domain extension. Please note that once a domain expires, the website and email will no longer function.”

This means that domain can be renewed after 10th Dec 2013 also with in a period of 40 days at regular renewal price. But in this period you won’t have any service acticated on the domain.

Not for all domain name you have grace period upto 40 days it varies from domain extension to extension. Earlier for all major TLD it was 40 days but now as per revised “Renewal Grace Period” policy it has become 36 days

TLD Old Grace Period New Grace Period
.COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, .BIZ, .NAME, and .US 40 days 36 days
15 days 40 days 36 days

Now if the domain is not renewed in the grace period, the domain status changes to “Redemption Period”

Redemption Period for Domain Names

Def: “A domain with the status “REDEMPTION PERIOD” is a state where the domain has not been renewed in the grace period. When most domains expire they go into a post-expiration grace period that vary by domain type that usually lasts for 40 days

In the post-expiration period, if the user wish to renew the domain, he has to pay a redemption fee for around Rs 4000 or around USD 80.

If he doesn’t pay and get the domain name in this period, after a period of around more 40 days domain will be open for public and anyone can take that domain name

So its better not to forget the domain renewal, and if forgotten any time, do renew it in the grace period with normal renewal fee

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  1. Really suprised to know that there is a grace period for domain names.Haven’t came across this info anywhere. Do we have grace period in all domain register companies?

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