What is better – Blogger vs WordPress

Blogger vs Wordpress

That’s the million dollar question that I’ve asked. Ok! Not the million dollar but probably one of the critical and most discussed. In fact, most of newbies start their journey with blogger and end up using  WordPress. However, they are few who don’t like to pay for hosting and sticks to using Blogger.

Today, in this article we will be discussing benefits as well as disadvantages of using both platforms.

Benefits of using Blogger

Blogger vs WordPress
Blogger vs WordPress

Robust Security

There is no match to the security offered by blogger. Absolutely no one can hack into your blogs. Also, neither you nor any other users have access to the database of your posts and media. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that anyone can attack blogger blogs.

Free Hosting

Yes, blogger free hosting to certain GB. I’m not sure about the exact number but be assured that you don’t really feel out of space unless you try to host some really big files like songs or videos.

No Bandwidth Issues

With blogger, you don’t really need to worry about how much bandwidth your blog is taking. That’s the matter of concern for google. They will never ban your blog; no matter how much bandwidth you are consuming.

Free themes

Blogger offers numerous themes which are absolutely free. If you want, you can check out some of the best blogger templates of 2013.

Although, setting up blogger template requires a basic knowledge of how html works, it is not that difficult. You can probably learn that online.

Disadvantages of using Blogger

Google can delete your blog

Yes, you heard it right. Google can delete your blog without notifying you. Although, it doesn’t really happen too often, its still matter of concern. And if this happens, there is absolutely no way you can get your blog back unless you have backup.

Limited Customization

I’m sure, most of you’re aware of the fact that blogger has limited set of customization options. On the other hand, WordPress offers way better customizing options. In fact, you can even add custom sitemap and much better flexibility using adon plugins.

Benefits of using WordPress

SEO benefit

WordPress lets you add custom Meta title and Meta description for each post. You can also categorize these posts with the help of tags and categories. When it comes to blogger, you can only make use of labels.

Also, WordPress lets you change the permalink structure which is not changable in blogger.

High and Easy Customization

You dont need to be a coder to add extra features such as social sharing buttons. You can easily do that by installing plugins. Similarly, you can also add widgets to the sidebar and navigation menu from the dashboard.

Apart from these benefits, the disadvantages that I’ve mentioned for blogger are actually the benefits of using WordPress.

Disadvantages of using WordPress


You need to purchase separate hosting package which would cost you around $100-$120. When it comes to buying hosting, you also need to take care of bandwidth. You don’t want to run out of bandwidth because if that happens frequently, your hosting provider will simply ban your account.


As I said earlier, WordPress isn’t as secured as Blogger. Hacker can’t simply sneak into your posts especially database when it comes to blogger. However, that can easily be done on WordPress.

This marks an end to my discussion about the benefits and disadvantages of using WordPress and blogger. If you’ve anything to add up, simply put your comment below.

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8 thoughts on “What is better – Blogger vs WordPress”

  1. After my bad experince with most of the hosting companies I prefer blogger over wordpress. Although a little knowledge of HTML is required but still blogger is much secure than wordpress.

  2. After 5 years blogging with WordPress, I switched in Blogger. WordPress is amazing, but to achieve the desired security you have to spend a good amount of money. Blogger is free, maximum security, great options, amazing templates, good amount of widgets….enough for running a pro blog.

  3. Hello admin, thanks for sharing this informative blog post regarding the topic and, according to me WordPress is much better and easy to use and understand in comparison with blogger for blogging.

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