Tata Safari Storme ride in Mumbai with Indiblogger meet June 2013

Tata Safari Storme - Real SUV

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In this post I am sharing my views of my 2nd indiblogger meet which happened in Mumbai on 1st June.

Tata Safari Storme - Real SUV
Tata Safari Storme – Real SUV

To start with, I will just brief you little about the indiblogger – Indiblogger – Its an community of Indian Bloggers.  I was not aware of this community earlier nor about such meet ups. It was my one of friend who introduced me to this community. It is a great platform who arranges meet ups in various cities to bring various fellow bloggers under one roof. And yes this is my 2nd meet where I came across many co-bloggers and I would like to share my experience with you.

Xtreme Drive Meet
Xtreme Drive Meet

These meet ups are normally not open and are based on registration on first come first served basis, so earlier I have missed many meetups. As soon I came across the registration for the Xtreme Meetup, I registered. For this meetup they had kept around 250 registration open and I was one the lucky one to go for ride on Tata Safari Xtreme.

Yes you heard it right, all the members did experience the new “Tata Safari Xtreme – Real SUV”. I am going to brief you on this details. The show was suppose to start at 5PM IST on 1st June in Chitrakoot Grounds in Andheri West. As usual nothing starts in India on time – sorry it was not the organiser’s fault but all due to taffic people start coming in late, so not always organiser delay but sometimes the attendees get delayed. The registration started and by confirming your seat.

Light refreshment was served to you on you seat and consent form was circulated which we need to fill up and submit so as to get ride in the monster. Also they had made a provision for the LMV driving Licence holder can have hands on the beast.

Registration done

Refreshment started

Forms submitted

Now everything is ready to get set go …

The real fun started with distributing some goodies from Tata for the bloggers, they actually arranged some fast runner up games and some experience sharing, etc. They distributed sleeping bags, swiss knife, cash gifts and some funny gift like one banana also. This was little funny. But it was real fun. Then they have a practice to allow the bloggers to introduce themselves to others. This was real fun and knowing other bloggers.

Later on, the Tata Motors head delivered some insight about the SUV, this was more on the technical front. He highlightened some prior experiences of original Tata Safari user and faith of people on the Tata Group. I personally have used few Tata motors like Sumo, Indica,etc. So they have the people faith along with them for this new beast.

Tata Motors
Tata Motors

Now it was time to go ride, for which I personally was waiting since long time, they distributed the whole mob in batches of 20-25 and each team was given a name. Our team name was “Storme Riders”.

Storme Riders
Storme Riders

Stage 1: Pull the monster.

In this they had tied a rope to the Tata Safari and we(team) were asked to pull the it and who ever pull the maximum distance wins. I think we didn’t pull the maximum but we did our best so as to go for next round. It was fun pulling the car and experiencing the toughness of the vehicle.

Pull the beast

Stage 2: Terrapod and Offroading drive

This was completely on the ground with dust in the air. There were around 4 SUV driving 2 for terrapod and 2 for the offroading track.

Track 1

Terrapod of 60 deg

Terra Pod
Terra Pod
Terra Pod
Terra Pod

30 deg inclination

30 deg Inclination
30 deg Inclination
30 deg Inclination
30 deg Inclination

45 deg inclination

45 deg Inclination
45 deg Inclination

30 deg inclination on both side

30 deg both side
30 deg both side

Track 2:Track 2 was completely offroading in the muds and ramp up and down. This was awesome and U-turn with the drift.

Stage 3: Hands on SUV

Tata executives gave a chance to have hands on the Tata Safari Storme for the valid Driving License holder and I was one of the lucky one. The driver guided me to take drive on the grounds and feel the machine.

All the drivers were talented to drive the vehicle so smoothly that we all enjoyed the drive. Also they gave some insight specs about the SUV while the ride was going on.

Drifting the beast

To Share something on the specs

  1. 5 Speed gear
  2. Power Steering
  3. 7 Seater capacity
  4. 2179 cc engine with 2.2L VariCOR
  5. Variants available in multiple colors of Urban Bronze, Astern Black, Pearl Champagne, Sardinia Red, Pearl white, Arctic White, Arctic Silver
  6. Price Starting from 10L onwards

The function ended with memonto – TShirt distribution to all the bloggers who enjoyed the #XtremeDrive.

Overview: This was my 2nd meet and meet was awesome, had great experience in driving the SUV and enjoying the ride on different track. I personally liked the SUV much. This would be one of the car to go for if you are planning to go for SUV. The price is not that high. I am not much from automotive background but I remember Maruti Ertiga Start from around 6L and in comparison to that I would prefer to go for Tata Safari Storme Starting from 10L.

All the best to Tata Safari Storme to enjoy in Indian Market and Happy Blogging to bloggers and IndiBloggers.

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