How to add an “Addon Domain” in cPanel?

Domain Manager

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This is again a small tutorial to add an “Addon Domain” to cPanel in your hosting account. cPanel is normally with the hosting provider like Bluehost and Hostgator

Step 1: Log in to your cpanel using your credential

Step 2: From the Domains Section click on “Addon Domains”

Domain Manager
Domain Manager

Step 3: A form will open up for entering the the domain details fill up the form, enter your domain name, ftp login username, select your docuement root – this path is where your domain will point, enter a secured password. Click on “Add Domain”

Addon Domain
Addon Domain

Step 4: This way a new domain will be added to your account.

Note: For adding a new domain to your control panel, you should first modify the nameserver provided from your hosting provider in to your domain control panel.


16 thoughts on “How to add an “Addon Domain” in cPanel?”

  1. Hey Sahil,
    Thanks for this tutorial initially it was difficult for me to add add on domains but now I can do it within seconds thanks for the tutorial.

  2. Hey Sahil,

    This is very simple and very short but complete tutorial bro. 🙂 but as I know search engine wants at least 300+ word posts bro.

  3. you have really put a solution for a general problem which a newbie blogger has to face.
    Thanks for sharing the basic information. It will help many of them.

  4. Hello sahil,
    Wowee…I have never tried my hands on for this thing but now I think I will give a try after reading your concrete tutorial.
    Thanks for such a great share. 🙂

  5. Hello admin, thanks for sharing this informative blog post regarding adding “Addon Domain” in cPanel, I really was not known about this thing. Your all the blogs have been very useful and helpful for me. Thanks again for sharing this informative blog post with us.

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