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So, lets start with “Let the Blogger Speak – Interview with Pradeep Kumar from HellBoundBloggers.com


KrazyPost: Hello Pradeep, Please tell us about yourself and your blog and how you started blogging?

Pradeep Kumar: Hi, this is Pradeep Kumar. I’m a blogger, who loves to create blogs for the topics he loves. I started my first blog when I was in my school, that’s been almost 6 to 7 years. I always wanted to write something, either I share it with others or keep it to myself. I had the habit of writing personal diary, so obviously my interest in writing was very natural.

KrazyPost: Are you a part time blogger or a full time blogger?

Pradeep Kumar: Now I’m a full time blogger, been learning so many things right now. After my college I decided to spend full time on Blogging to experiment various strategies. Enjoying my freedom and writing now.

KrazyPost: What do you do apart from blogging?

Pradeep Kumar: I have so many habits and passions, but being a full time blogger, I don’t really find much free time. Apart from Blogging, I work on some web-based projects and writing a movie script. 😀

KrazyPost: How much time do you spend on your blog weekly?

Pradeep Kumar: Totally I have 3 blogs – HBB, MoviesDrop and HostLater – so I give equal amount of time for each of them. I spent almost 10 to 12 hours per day. I also promote my yet-to-be launched blogs on Social Media.

KrazyPost: How blogging has changed your life?

Pradeep Kumar: Blogging has totally changed my lifestyle. Looking back, I was just a normal kid waiting outside a browsing centre to check his emails. I’m happy to be in a position to have my views appreciated by some people.

KrazyPost: What inspires you to blog?

Pradeep Kumar: Our readers encouragement, respect and expectation. Apart from this, I make money and I know how I earned each and every penny.

KrazyPost: Which blogging platform you prefer? WordPress/Blogger – Why?

If I’m going to start a personal blog, I might opt for Blogger, but for Professional blogs I should go with WordPress, it’ll help in the long run. WordPress can be expanded as much as possible and possibilities are limitless there.

KrazyPost: Which are other blog you own?

Pradeep Kumar: Totally I have three blogs right now.

HellBound Bloggers (HBB)



We run a blog network called Slashsquare.

KrazyPost: What do you do to drive traffic to your blog?

Pradeep Kumar: Slashsquare network’s major traffic comes from Search Engine, Social Media and Referral.

Search Engine: I don’t focus much on writing posts for search engines, but we do some basic SEO to cope with natural Google rankings. I prefer Yoast SEO and if you follow their checklist, it is more than enough.

– Social Media: I promote our blog posts on Facebook, thanks to the pages and groups. I also promote them on my personal profile, and interact with readers there. Twitter and StumbleUpon comes next.

– Referrals: People find some of our blog posts useful and interesting, so their linkbacks and traffic are very essential for us.

KrazyPost: How do you Monetize your blog?

Pradeep Kumar: Our major income source is Paid/Sponsored Reviews. After that, banner advertisements and affiliates. Running our blogs for the past few years without Adsense. Writing reviews for big brands helps us to get in touch with them for future advertising opportunities.

KrazyPost: Any Blogging Tips you would like to give to our readers?

Pradeep Kumar: Always have a backup monetization method. Most of the bloggers rely only on Google Adsense, and this will hurt when you move to ProBlogging. So always focus on secondary monetization method, let it be paid reviews or affiliates, be ready with it.

KrazyPost: Any success/failure you would like to share from your blogging journey?

Pradeep Kumar: Success: I became strong and learned how to accept/avoid criticisms. Now I know when to keep my mouth shut. 😀

Failure: I was confused whether I was running a personal blog or a professional blog, but at one point things became clear. When you are entering the ProBlogging zone, focus on things that makes your blog professional.

KrazyPost: Why according to you blogging is increasing in India and why are youngster are more driven towards this?

Pradeep Kumar: Now everyone wants to have a blog, it is just like having a Facebook or Twitter account. Most of the teen bloggers start to blog about Technology, Social Media, Blogging or some Internet stuffs because these niches give more income and it is also easy for them to update.

Blogging is almost similar to Facebooking, we share our views but here we also get paid. Blogging is important because it helps them to connect with like-minded people from all over the world. You can blog personally or professionally, but what matters is you blog your views and not for the sake of earning or making it viral.

KrazyPost: Since blogging is common amongst youngster who work for pocket money earn more than a normal graduate, is this a threat to society ?

Pradeep Kumar: I have seen some bloggers dropping out of college for entering the “ProBlogging” zone, I think that is their own decision because their attitude towards their future matters. They might not want to waste their time sitting inside the class rooms, listening to the boring and just-for-the-sake lectures.

KrazyPost: Why according to you blogging – a career as work from home not entertained much in India? Will it be accepted in near future?

Pradeep Kumar: I agree with your question, but it is just a matter of time to get people involved in such activities. Blogging is still a strange term for most of us, and people using Facebook might surely understand the value of blogs, sooner or later they’ll have one too.

KrazyPost: Why according to you social media promotion have become integral part of blogging?

Pradeep Kumar: Social Media being one of the major traffic sources for most of the blogs, I think it is essential for us to make full use of it. Social Media Optimization (SMO) is an integral part of Blogging, we need to focus on making our blog comfortable for that environment.

KrazyPost: Can you share your thought about future in blogging?

Pradeep Kumar: Future of Blogging is secure, but we need to survive the competition to make ours recognisable. After “Blogging” people thought “Journalism” will end, but it didn’t, it in fact improved a lot. Video Blogging and Infographics might rule the future for a bit.

KrazyPost: Why Tech niche is common among blogger?

Pradeep Kumar: Because Technology is everywhere, it is like we can’t live without it. Even for Blogging we rely on Technology. Take WordPress, we blog on their iOS or Android app sometimes. Take Hosting, we focus on Cloud Computing some times. So it is easy for them to blog about the things they love and things they are familiar with.

KrazyPost: What according to you are the disadvantages of having so many tech blogs?

Pradeep Kumar: The assurance of good quality information will be questioned. With so many same tech blogs people get so confused whether to rely on them or not, so they opt for top bogs like TheVerge and so on.

KrazyPost: Any other thing which you would like to share to us?

Pradeep Kumar: You guys are doing awesome work, make sure it doesn’t get deviated and love you all! 🙂

We from KrazyPost.com team wishes Pradeep Kumar, All the Best and fabulous blogging career ahead. Hope to see some more great work by him. Hope this interview gave an insight of one more blogger from India.

Stay tuned for more such article.

Happy Blogging…!!!

16 thoughts on “Let the Blogger Speak – Interview with Pradeep Kumar from HellBoundBloggers.com”

  1. Consistency is one common problem that bloggers face. If you follow pradeep in facebook you will get motivated silently and able to do overcome it. He is one active and best example for consistency in blogging arena.

    Good interview 🙂

  2. Nice Interview than other blogs! Most of the bloggers are getting inspired by Pradeep Kumar. Also, he is much kind enough to help other newbie bloggers! And Anshul, you’ve asked better questions.

  3. One more nice Interview Sahil,
    Pradeep worked very hard with HBB and interesting part is his maintenance with huge guest authors that is some thing we can appreciate in him.

    Interesting to hear that Pradeep is writing a movie script hope it is not a horror movie.
    Anyways thanks for the share Sahil there are lot to learn from this guy, as Rome was not built in a single day a successful blog too cant be build in a single day.

  4. Wow! Pradeep Kumar has struggled a lot in early days but yet he is standing out in the crowd. That’s the achievement and consistency which is hard to find in newbies. He did struggle in the earlier days with respect to Google Page-rank & ad-sense but everyone must see is his passion & spirit. He never gave up. 🙂

    Great interview Sahil. Loved it.

  5. Good Interview.. One thing is for sure that hard word does pay off that’s same with pradeep. He has worked very hard to reach where he is now.

  6. I have gone through HBB once but not been there after that I guess. I have gone through it again and there is lot of change and I should say its just awesome. Look at Pradeep damn he is a kid with amazing skill.
    There is lot of thing to inspire from him.
    Thanks for sharing this and we need more of this for some inspiration.

  7. Wow it was a great read. Pradeep is one of the best blogger from India. He has attained a reputable position in blogosphere. Thanks for sharing this interview.

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