How to check Alexa rank and get alexa widget for your blog

Hello and welcome back to

Its long time since I have written post on this blog, I really apologize for the same as I was busy with daily routine and couldn’t get time to write or publish any article.

After a long time I came back on my blog to the status of my alexa rank and decided to get widgets for the blog to be displayed on the blog.

How to Check Alexa Rank?

Step 1 : Go to
Step 2: Write your blog name in the text box specified and Click the search icon

Check Alexa Rank
Check Alexa Rank

Step 3: Complete Alexa details about your blog will be displayed on the screen

How to get alexa rank widget?

Now, many a times people publish Alexa rank widgets on the blog to show the creditably of the blog. In this article I will show how to get widgets and add to your blog section.

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: On this page you will multiple tabs, select “Traffic Widgets”
Step 3: Traverse to section from various opotion available to build widgets in different sizes
Step 4: Write your blog URL in the textbox specified and click on “Build Widgets”

Build Alexa Widget
Build Alexa Widget

Step 5: After that you will get the code for the banners and you can copy the code for the banner size you like
Step 6: Then go to your blog and open Appearance => Widgets section Select the “Text” option from “Available Widgets”
Step 7: Drag and drop in any sidebar you wish to show your Alexa Widgets
Step 8: Place the copied code within the text area and Click on “Save”


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