Let the Blogger Speak – Interview with Gopal Tathe from TechGopal.com

Gopal Tathe

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Today, we have one more young passionate blogger with us in this section – “Let the Blogger Speak – Interview with Gopal Tathe from TechGopal.com ”. Let see what Gopal has to tell us.

Gopal Tathe
Gopal Tathe

KrazyPost: Please tell us a about yourself and your blog?

Gopal Tathe: Hello friends I’m Gopal Arun Tathe, although on most places as ‘TechGopal‘ – A 19 year old technology enthusiast from Pune , India . Simple person with techno living . I am founder of Techgopal.com & I share my technological knowledge with my reader in simplified way that it may help them in day to day life . I am an android user , prefers windows for daily stuffs & ubuntu with gnome for development stuffs . Like gaming , traveling & like to watch technological tv shows like techguru & tech tree

KrazyPost: When and Why did you start blogging?

Gopal Tathe: 5 years before I started my first blog named as expert4all . At that time very few Indian blogger where their , Rajesh Patel was one of them , He inspired me to become a blogger . I just dream to become successful blogger like him . From that moment I work hard to become a professional blogger

KrazyPost: How did you enter the blogging world?

Gopal Tathe: Basically I have started my web career 6 years before .My first website was simple “html” based website with very sluggish layout(You can imagine what a new baby can do with web development) , even at that time I tried many free platform like webs & wixx as every person do to build a website at beginning . Day by day I gain knowledge & 5 years ago I started my first blog named as expert4all.co.cc , it’s simple blog hosted on co.cc domain with free host & then I started many blogs . 3 years ago I migrated expert4all content to new domain which is now techgopal.com .

KrazyPost: Are you a part time blogger or a full time blogger?

Gopal Tathe: I am part time blogger it’s my hobby to share my knowledge & earn some $ for my pocket money . Ohh I can’t call such earning as pocket money basically it’s equivalent to any good salaried person’s earning . But still I am happy to stick as part time blogger

KrazyPost: What do you do apart from blogging?

Gopal Tathe: I am a second year computer engineering student. Apart from blogging I designs web site also , do some Internet marketing & simply help beginners to grow

KrazyPost: How much time do you spend on your blog weekly?

Gopal Tathe: Basically I try to put maximum time for my web development , But after entering to engineering it’s now somewhat difficult to me to get time daily & due to that I spend maximum time on weekends to work , I schedule blog post, clear spam contents any many stuff which we require to maintain a blog

KrazyPost: How blogging has changed your life?

Gopal Tathe: Blogging has given a different dimension to my personal life , my friends knew me as techgopal , on social network peoples are trying to become my friends . Biggest change is related to money ,Blogging made me independent in small age . I spend money which I have earned in my way without affecting my parents income , I think it’s major change blogging has made in my life

KrazyPost: What inspires you to blog?

Gopal Tathe: Everyday I found many peoples which are not aware about many essential technologies , I just like to make them aware about it using my blog . Such peoples inspires me to blog

KrazyPost: Which are other blog you own?

Gopal Tathe: In my last 6 year web career , I started many niche topic sites , many I have sold . right now just in last month I planned to start again my blogging network & started two new blogs as

KrazyPost: What do you do to drive traffic to your blog?

Gopal Tathe: Simple tactics which every blogger do , make it more visible by sharing my content on social sites , use google webmasters to keep eye on my content ranking & competition

KrazyPost: How do you Monetize your blog?

Gopal Tathe: I don’t like to put many ads on my blog that’s why you will see very few affiliate or other links apart from Google Adsense . I accept paid post also , now days it’s common among bloggers , Even I have collaboration with many good web companies to promote their content on my blog

KrazyPost: Which fellow bloggers you follow the most?

Gopal Tathe: Rajesh Patel was first fellow who inspired me a lot , apart from him Rajupp , Amit Agrawal are real inspiration for me

KrazyPost: Any Blogging Tips you would like to give to our readers?

Gopal Tathe: I think pre-planning week schedule is most important key to success . Generally I pre-plan my week ,spend weekend on post , 2 days for link building & other days to gain knowledge & to do other stuffs . Planning is most important to manage multiple blog & other Internet stuffs

KrazyPost: Any success/failure you would like to share from your blogging journey?

Gopal Tathe: Success/failure are part of our life so it’s also applied to our blogging career also . My blog is many times affected by Google updates it’s a failure for me . I think my blog is going from it’s worst time now , decrease in traffic , in last one year I came from page rank 5-4-3-2 now it’s just page rank 2 blog . But it doesn’t matter , soon I’ll recover it from all those stuffs

Finally thanks to Sahil , that he has given me such great opportunity to share my experience with his readers & Invite reader to give one visit to my blog .

We from KrazyPost.com team wishes Gopal, All the Best and fabulous blogging career ahead. Hope to see some more great work by him. Hope this interview gave an insight of one blogger, blogging from Pune –  India.

Stay tuned for more such article.

Happy Blogging…!!!

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  1. Hi Sahil,

    Another Great Interview!

    It’s my first time being introduced to Gopal. It is inspiring to see bloggers starting at such a young age and have all this knowledge and experience. It is really encouraging.

    I am glad to learn more about Gopal and his blogging journey and I wish him all the best with his blogging career and his studies as a computer engineer.

    Thanks Sahil for such a great Interview and wish you all the best Gopal. Keep up the good work.

    Be Blessed,


  2. Seriously these interviews series brings a new energy among bloggers. Handwork and consistency always bring success. Please also bring interview with amit agarwal and similar professional bloggers.

  3. Great interview… But, what I liked the most is the spirit that he has. Though, his blog is facing decreased traffic, he is not disappointed. Having hard time is a part and parcel of blogging and this is where the real patience test starts. Its really good to read Gopal’s views.
    Thanks for the interview Sahil.

  4. Naser Mohd Baig

    Hi Sahil. Great to see young bloggers performing in professional manner. It’s the best way to inspire upcoming bloggers. BTW, I’ve some outstanding teen Bloggers suggestion. You may search and include if found awesome.

    1. Sidharth pk – techbii.com

    2. Romy Singh (fallenwriters)

    Etc. However, awesome interview nd hope for next ones.

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