Let the Blogger Speak – Interview with Avinash Mishra from MakeMeNoise.com

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Today, we have one more passionate blogger with us in this section – Avinash Mishra, lets see what Avinash has to tell us.

So, lets start with “Let the Blogger Speak – Interview with Avinash Mishra from MakeMeNoise.com

Avinash Mishra
Avinash Mishra

First of all, We would like to thank you for taking out time for our readers.

KrazyPost: Please tell us a about yourself and your blog?

Avinash Mishra: My first word would be for you, Sahil; Thanks for giving me chance to tell something about me. Also, I am so excited, because it’s my first Interview and it is really a great pleasure for me.

I am Avinash Mishra, from Patna (Currently in Jaipur), Pursuing my B.Tech. in Electronics & Communication Engineering. I am Dreamer, Traveller, Thinker, Researcher and Lover too. MakeMeNoise.com is my first blog, where I share information on Blogging Tips, SEO, Social Media Tips, Internet Marketing Tips, Google AdSense Tips and other tips & tricks related to Gadgets & Technology.

KrazyPost: When and Why did you start blogging?

Avinash Mishra: Firstly, I’d like to give tons of thanks to my senior (Himanshu Sir)- who introduced me in blogging. He helped me to get domain name & Hosting in February 2012 and finally I launched my blog in April 2012. I took 1.5 months (Feb to April) to learn everything regarding blog set up and monetizing process. Also, I’d like to thank Amit Shaw, Sidhesh Patil, Raj Kumar and Atish Ranjan– They helped me in my starting days. I can’t forget those days, when I and Himanshu Sharma sir meet in Lunch time of college and I asked rubbish question, like what is WordPress, Affiliate Marketing, etc. LOL

I think- Himanshu sir would be proud on me, after reading my interview.

KrazyPost: How did you enter the blogging world?

Avinash Mishra: As I already told, Himanshu sir introduced me in blogging. It is a very long story. One of my good friends came to me and asked me to join a network marketing business to make money, but I thought it is waste of time as well as money because nobody will sign up for that marketing by paying INR 10, 000 so I took suggestion from my senior and he finally told me about blogging. Before that, I’d only heard about blog of Amitabh Bachan and Aamir Khan. :p Lol

KrazyPost: Are you a part time blogger or a full time blogger?

Avinash Mishra: I am a part time blogger.

KrazyPost: What do you do apart from blogging?

Avinash Mishra: I am a 3rd year engineering student and I do painting, social work, documentary film making, shopping and fun with friends.

KrazyPost: How much time do you spend on your blog weekly?

Avinash Mishra: After my college hour, I spend 2 hours a day on my blogs and in holidays I give 7-8 hours per day. On an average, I spend 20 hours weekly (Including Sunday) on my blogs.

KrazyPost: How blogging has changed your life?

Avinash Mishra: Hahahaha, I am going to complete one year of my blogging career in April 2012 and I got many things from MakeMeNoise. Frankly speaking, I travel by Airplane whenever I visit to my hometown on vacation. I launched my blogging company (Make Dreams Network) where 6 people work under me. I am planning to buy a four wheeler with the help of my own money.

KrazyPost: What inspires you to blog?

Avinash Mishra: My DREAM inspires me to blog more and more. I sleep in my dream, I wake up in my dream and I walk in my dream so it inspires me to blog.

KrazyPost: Which are other blog you own?

Avinash Mishra: I own- MakeMeNoise.com
And currently I launched ThoughtsLadder.com

KrazyPost: Which blogging platform you prefer? WordPress/Blogger – Why?

Avinash Mishra: My blogs are running on WordPress so I definitely prefer WordPress because I know everything about WordPress. WordPress offers best content management system; also you get web solution in WordPress

KrazyPost: What do you do to drive traffic to your blog?

Avinash Mishra: I do on page SEO, Link Building, Guest Post, Article Submission, Social Bookmarking and Social Network sharing to drive traffic to my blog.

KrazyPost: How do you Monetize your blog?

Avinash Mishra: Currently, I am monetizing with Google AdSense, Banner Ads, In-Text link, BlogsVertise and Sponsored Post. Earlier, I used AdBrite, Infolinks and Chitika.

KrazyPost: Which fellow bloggers you follow the most?

Avinash Mishra: You knew how suddenly I enter in blogging and got everything changed. In starting days, everything was new to me. I’d only idea about blog of Amitabh Bachhan and Aamir Khan and I never expected that common man like us can write blogs. So, I learned from everyone but till now I didn’t find anyone to follow.

KrazyPost: Any Blogging Tips you would like to give to our readers?

Avinash Mishra: If you are newbies then don’t practice to make money instantly. Write quality & unique content, at least in 500 words. People visit blogs for information so become source of information not money freaky. Only four words can boost up your blogging career- WORK HARDER HARDER and HARDER.

KrazyPost: Any success/failure you would like to share from your blogging journey?

Avinash Mishra: Till date, Blogging didn’t harm me; even it gave me a lot and still I am getting. I look my future in blogging. Currently, I got online business partnership from Bollywood for upcoming movie so I think it is big success till date.

KrazyPost: Your thought on blogging future in India?

Avinash Mishra: On every 5 professional people, there would be 2 bloggers among them that I look as blogging future in India. I see 15 yrs. Or 16 yrs. Kids are writing blogs and making bucks that show very bright future of blogging in India.

We from KrazyPost.com team wishes Avinash, All the Best and fabulous blogging career ahead and he travel many places:) . Hope to see some more great work by him. Hope this interview gave an insight of one more blogger from India.

Stay tuned for more such article.

Happy Blogging…!!!

63 thoughts on “Let the Blogger Speak – Interview with Avinash Mishra from MakeMeNoise.com”

  1. Avinash is one of my favorite Bloggers . This is such Inspiration interview and I hope it will inspire many newbie Bloggers too. I know him personally but did not meet him face to face.

    Also, thanks Sahil for this great Interview.

    Mohd Aktar

  2. Hi Sahil,
    Great Interview You have Choosen a Correct Blogger For Interview!! I am a Regular visitor Of Makemenoise.com.Avinash really gives a Great Content to his readers.He knows the Very much about WordPress.He Really helps newbies By blogging Experience !!.
    Hi Avinash ,
    we are very much Glad to know about You!! Your Thoughtladder also amazing .Carry on the Good Work !!
    Happy Blogging 🙂

  3. Angie A. Deiparine

    hello King,
    Wow… and congratulations! for the very good job well done.. You’re really great!.. I know in the near future, you’re most famous blogger in India and in the world as well. Keep it up son.. I am so proud of you… I do hope son because of your blogging career you could visit us here and treat us for your success..
    I wish Angel would find you as her mentor and inspiration.
    Once again, Congratulations and praying for more achievements!

  4. I am very glad Avinash to see you here. Yes, you are very hard worker and passionate blogger. I still remember when you were contributing for my blogs. i am very satisfied with your writing skills and you are really doing a great job. Even I am satisfied with services that you offer through Make Dreams Network.

    Wishing you all the best for your future success.

  5. Vow in such a slight span of time you got the rank of pro blogger and are being interviewed by other bloggers; it’s really great. It means you must have worked hard to rose to this position and others must follow the suite.
    Sahil you really introduced another brilliant blogger and conducted the whole interview in a such a professional manner that nothing left unknown about the interviewee.
    Top 5 profitable business ideas for 2013

    1. I don’t believe in rank dude, I just believe in WORK IS WORSHIP. If you’ll give your effort with full dedication and honesty then I am damn sure you’ll automatically achieve that much reputation in your industry.

      Thank you so much for landing here. 🙂

  6. Thank you for encouraging Newbies like me. I too have a great dream to become a successful blogger like you. I would like to follow your path.
    Wishing you a great successful blogging life.

    Abdul Rahman.

  7. Nice to see Avinash Interview. He has learnt blogging from many people but for me he was the one who thought me blogging on how to start and go with it. I know him from the day he started blogging and really good to see on how he is becoming a pro in it.

    Really great to hear that you travel in flight and gonna buy a car from your blogging amount with just 1 year in it. It would be nice if you can tell us how much you earn or how you earn so much 😛

    Thanks Sahil for having his interview. All the best for both of you.

    1. Hi bro,
      It’s a very tough question about my earnings. Sometimes come in PM, I’ll share with you.
      I too know from you from starting days of my blogging career. Glad to see you here.

      Thanks 🙂

  8. Hello Avinash,

    Learned many things from Avinash Mishra. Thank you for sharing the interview with us.

    Avi, your methods of blogging are great!
    Keep up the good work!

    Thank You

  9. Great to see you here, Avinash.
    Well discussed on Blogging, And you have shared really great thought on Blogging, It will sure leads you to the bright future.
    Worth Reading!!

  10. Okay, we both are close friends and helping/supporting each other from a while, but I didn’t know that much about Avinash. HARDER, HARDER and HARDER – loved those words.

  11. Awesome interview – I loved the word Harder and Harder!

    I do like interviews and I always read successful bloggers interview about how they living online! Great inspiration for newbie bloggers!

    Thanks for sharing man!

  12. Being in the same college, i have always asked for help with avinash regarding seo, adsense, and content related. And he has always helped me out. May he continue his good blogging career.

  13. It’s inspiring the newbies. I know, Avinash is always dedicated to his work. He is much clear in his ambition and works hard to achieve. I have received loads of tips for blogging from MakeMeNoise. I’m really impressed of his writing skills. He makes the readers to immerse into his article. When I read it, I just feel like as though he interacts with me in real.

  14. Hi Sahil,
    One More Great Interview!

    It’s my first time being introduced to Avinash and I am glad to learn more about Avinash and his blogging journey and I wish him all the best with his blogging career and his studies as an engineer.

    Thanks Sahil for such a great Interview and wish you all the best Avinash. Keep up the good work.

    Be Blessed,


  15. Great interview! It was really interesting to read about another blogger and how he got started. What is even better to me is that he is in a similar situation as I am. Thanks for conducting this interview and posting it!

  16. Hi Dude,
    Really Avinash You are genious Blogger. as you post your view so sure i can say that one day you will make a perfect and one of the best blogger in your life. and ll the best for your future 🙂 for your future blogger life. and keep doing well. thanks

  17. Excellent blog right here! Additionally your website quite
    a bit up very fast! What web host are you the usage of?
    Can I am getting your associate hyperlink in your host?
    I want my site loaded up as quickly as yours lol

  18. Hey Avinash. It feels good to know about you. Basically, frankly speaking I found you by chance on Growmap and landed here. I have to say this post is having some positive wives. Keep up.

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