How to setup feedburner for your blog and activate email subscription

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In this tutorial I will explain how to setup feedburner and activate RSS subscription for your blog on

When you have your blog on you get a sub domain from specific) or your own self hosted wordpress blog

For eg: this is my test blog on


Lets go ahead and set up RSS for the blog

Step 1: Go to and login with your Google credentials

Step 2: Type in your blog/feed address in the box specified

Add to feedburner 1
Add to feedburner 1

Step 3: It will ask for feed source , feed source  is Atom / RSS , you can select either depending on your requirement and proceed further.

The feed URL for blogspot blog would be

For Atom 1.0:


For RSS 2.0:

Add to feedburner 2
Add to feedburner 2

Step 4: Now, it will ask for title and feed address, remember feed address will be unique as for our blog its

Add to feedburner 3
Add to feedburner 3

Step 5: After this your feedburner is ready and you can go ahead activate various options

Add to feedburner 4
Add to feedburner 4

Step 6: One of the option is to activate email subscription after which you will get code to place in your blog.

Step 7: For activation of email subscription traverse to “Publicize” from main navigation and under that “Email Subscription” from left hand side. Click on “Activate” button to activate the service.

Add to feedburner 5
Add to feedburner 5

Step 8: From “Subscription Management” you will get the code which you can add to your blog and subscription widget would be seen in your blog


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