Giveaway #1: One year .com domain giveaway for you

It's giveaway time

Hello fans and friends welcome back to

Here comes the very first domain giveaway on – Complete blogging portal which is specially intended to the newbie bloggers who currently can’t afford a custom domain name for their blog. Yes, We are giving away a brand able custome domain name for free. Though this domain giveaway is specially designed for newbie who cannot afford a domain but any one can participate in it.

I have got a good .com domain name in a domain giveaway(this is not a sponsored giveaway from any site). The domain name is simple and easy to remember.

It's giveaway time
It’s giveaway time

Yes, you heard me right, The domain name is ““. I am giving away this domain name for my readers. This domain name is one year old and with one year of renewal. So the person who wins this domain will get added advantage of the domain name age,

Also,this domain name can be used for any type of niche.

The advantages of the domain name :

  1. Simple and easy to remember
  2. Brandable
  3. Registered with godaddy domain registrar
  4. Can be used for any type niche – Blogging, Tech,etc
  5. Keyword in the name for SEO purpose

The giveaway will run from 10th March to 12th April 2013 and one lucky winner would selected at the end of 12th April 2013

To win this giveaway follow the steps as designed.

One lucky winner will win this domain.

This is not all, as I have added the advantages of Self hosted blog and requirement of hosting.

Also, we would set-up wordpress for the winner on his account if he sign up for hostgator following this link.

Also you sign up using the code “KrazyPost25OFF” to get 25% discount for your sign up

You need to sign up from our affliate link and using this domain and we would setup WordPress for you on your account and then you can start blogging immediately.

Once you sign up and you get your hosting details you can inform us, and we would install wordpress for you.

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All the best guys…!!!

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35 thoughts on “Giveaway #1: One year .com domain giveaway for you”

  1. Hi Sahil, Cool Giveaway bro. The Domain Name you have choosen is really nice. I have just participated the Giveaway but as Lalita said it must be given to the real needy person. BTW!! All the Best to all the Participants. Thanks for the Giveaway!!

    Sai Kumar.

  2. Hi Sahil,

    That’s a great gesture Sahil.

    I appreciate you helping others who are in need. I will not be participating in this giveaway as I already have my blog with self-hosted domain. I hope a needy person will get it.

    Thanks a lot Sahil for what you do in your blog to help others.

    Be Blessed,


  3. Hey sahil bro, i love this giveway, fantastic. Thanks bo, i need domain urgently. Moreover, i don’t even need money or earning from it, i can give it to you. But i need domain urgently. BTW nice giveaway.

  4. Just got my giveaway completed. Hope that i get the domain on 12th April. Thanks Sahil, i love your blog.

  5. Jignesh Bhavani

    Nice giveaway dude !! I was thinking about to buy new domain. Hope to win this giveaway.

    Thnx for this sahil …

  6. Hi Sahil,
    Unique Post and Unique your Giveaway Domain. Really Which Domain you have Shared with us that domain is so wonderfull all of us. sure I will try it and i hope wil get +ve results. Thanks Sahil for sharing this post.

  7. I Missed the Giveaway,I started my first blog years ago through an free domain and after that i started lots of blogs but i failed to manage some of them and in some cases the blog was flop but still i love blogging and will continue to do it

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