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Hello friends and fans on

Today,  on 10th Feb I completed 2months of blogging on this blog.

My Blog
My Blog


Two months before, I booked this domain with starting a blogging community for helping each other and myself in blogging.

In this two month I came across various blogger out here who work very hard not only for themselves but also for others who are new or passionate about blogging.


I am not a pro blogger, that I would giving some huge figures in this article but I am passionate blogger so I would like to share my experience on this article.

Helping Community

There are many bloggers who helped me in this two months ad given there honest opinion about the blog design, blog themes, blog navigation, having social media support, having few others things as well. I am not saying this because I like to do all this but I am thanking them all for giving such a honest suggestion for improvement.

I have started a bloggers interview section on my blog where I take an opportunity to showcase some bloggers to my readers about their blog and there vision. This section has helped a lot in this two months. Till date interview published are of

Atish Ranjan from

Nishant Srivastava from

and few others will come up soon.

And not to forget this blog in blogging niche so on different topics you will find article written which is helpful for new as well as some passionate bloggers

Future Goals

As I have mentioned earlier, I am not a pro blogger to give any realistic goal plan but yes I try to follow some defined path so that one day my blog becomes huge. And for this I request all my fans to support me.

Thanks and Happy Blogging




2 thoughts on “Two months of blogging on”

  1. Congrats for the successful 2 months of blogging, my first time on your blog and like what I see so far. Thanks for sending me this way through your comment on my blog.

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