Treat your blog as your girlfriend

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This month is February Love is in the air for many. Some of you must be surprised with the title, but yes its true. Don’t panic guys, I will explain it to you.

So, to start with, if you have your girlfriend with you, you would be doing following things and if you don’t have one then don’t be disheartened.

Suppose you have a girlfriend, things you do very commonly are:

  1. You will call her and would in contact with her every moment
  2. You keep on updating her with your daily activity
  3. You take her for outing with you
  4. You buyout gifts for her
  5. You make her feel special to you

In the same analogy, Top five simple tips for blogging which we learn are

Blogging Tips
Blogging Tips

Always be in touch

Any blogger, newbie or professional should always be in touch with the blog. The day he is not connected with the blog, he will be at loss. So this is very important factor. Also not necessary with his blog, he should be connected with the niche on which he is blogging. He should not be left behind.

Keep on Adding Content

When you have a blog, its always necessary to have updated content in it, otherwise you will start losing readers and their readership on your blog. Adding content on regular interval is utmost necessary. Remember the fact “Content is King”

Take it everywhere

You are a blogger so you must be visiting various places. Do promote your blog everywhere, be it a casual family function or be it college re-union. Talk to people about your blog, not much as people will be bored but at least little so people would be interested in checking at least once

Give gifts

Like you give gifts to your loved ones, buyout premium themes or such kind of stuff for your blog that will make it feel much better. Keep on adding some services for your readers as well so that they can benefit from it. Arrange giveaways from your pocket or sometimes from sponsored so that readers benefits in someways. Also you can have some free services on your blog like setting up a blog for your readers.

Make it special

Your blog is your creative art work. You have worked hard on it for your readers, so make it feels special.You should have positive attitude in your blog, so that the blog will speaks for you rather than you speak for your blog.

So, friends this are five simple tips you should follow and try to apply to your blog. Blogging is not always for money but sometimes its more than money.

Happy Blogging…!!!


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