Let the Blogger Speak – Nishant Srivastava from Geek Blog Tips

Hello Fans and Readers of KrazyPost.com, welcome back to the interview section on the blog.

Last week, as I stated and started an “Blogger Interview Section“, last week we met “Atish Ranjan from Tech Tricks World” and I hope you did like the article.

Today, we would be going through insight of one more such icon in the blogosphere. His name is Nishant Srivastava – man behind GeekBlogTips.com. I personally have interacted with him many a times and he is very kind and helpful person in blogger community.


Nishant Srivastava
Nishant Srivastava

So lets see what he has to say for us.

Sahil(KrazyPost): Please tell us about yourself and your blog ?

Nishant: very typical Question , I am still finding myself where I am, Who I am because this is not my limit and I can’t tell about me until I know everything about me, but in general way I am Fun loving person from Delhi, as per my qualification I am a software and web developer works on Microsoft technologies, but my passion is Blogging so I am active in blogging.

I have 3 blogs but Geek Blog Tips is the main Blog for which people recognize me as a blogger.

Sahil(KrazyPost): How did you enter the blogging world?

Nishant: Well it’s a long story but I would love to share with you, When I was in 12th Std, I started my work with Computers and internet, and I was thinking to do something within the computer science field, so I joined BCA, when I was in BCA (2010) I created my first Blogspot blog, which name was geekstrack.blogspot.com.

Blogging was not my main motive of creating blog, I was using that blog only to create notes of my studies, after few months I found I am getting traffic on my blog and I have many readers who love to read my study notes, in early 2011 I tried my luck with Adsense, and got approval with blogspot blog,

YES with blogspot blog now it’s very difficult to get Adsense account even with dot-com domains, within 3 month of approval I got my first Adsense check of $118.09, that is not looking that much big amount but for sharing study notes it’s a good amount, then I realized that I can do blogging and I started learning about blogging, SEO and other things related to blogging.

In June 2011 Purchased my first domain GeeksTrack.com, I was very Happy that now I am the owner of a blog, then I start writing about technology related articles, Programming tutorials, I was sharing everything which I was learning in my Education my projects, research everything.

I was getting good traffic and receiving checks monthly from Adsense, so this is my story how I entered in blogging world.

Sahil(KrazyPost): Are you a part time blogger or a full time blogger?

Nishant: I am working as a full time blogger and a Freelance Developer, I don’t like to work under someone that’s why I choose blogging as a career, currently I am not earning that much from blogging but still I am living on my blogging and freelancing work so you can call me a as a sometimes part time sometimes full-time blogger. 😛

Sahil(KrazyPost): What do you do apart from blogging?

Nishant: As I said, I am a fun loving guy, I love making fun with friends in the real and virtual world, I am a complete movie freak, love watching every good movie, language doesn’t matter for me.

Sahil(KrazyPost): How much time do you spend on your blog weekly?

Nishant: I always try to spend at least 4 to 5 hrs on blogging related work daily, for example searching for new ideas, SEO, Traffic generation and other blogging stuff, but I spend more time on social sites like Twitter, Facebook and some webmasters discussion forums, and in rest of the time I work for my clients.

Sahil(KrazyPost): How blogging has changed your life?

Nishant : Not Only blogging, I can say Internet changes my life completely, Because I earned my name and fame through my website(www.ignoucloud.com), I know this website is unknown for most of the bloggers but IGNOU students knows this website, This website has more than 15,000 registered users within 1 year, and people know me in my College only because of my website.

But blogging was the building block of this website, if I was not aware of the internet and blogging then I never do such things like other students.

So I can say Blogging changes my life and I am very happy with my current life.

Sahil(KrazyPost): Which are other blog you own?

Nishant: I have 3 blogs and 1 website



Geekstrack.com has been sold!

Sahil(KrazyPost): Which blogging platform you prefer? WordPress/Blogger – Why?

Nishant: I prefer WordPress now, but I can work on blogger too, I prefer WordPress because self hosted blogs has more control than WordPress blog, you can make changes as per your choice, and blogger blogs can be deleted by Google, but WordPress has no restrictions.

Sahil(KrazyPost): How do you monetize your blog?

Nishant: I apply different methods for different kinds of websites, like for my technology blog I use Adsense, Adsense works perfect in tech blogs and also I get some sponsored posts.

For Geek Blog Tips I am still just using some affiliate earning options, not monetizing that much, I want more growth of that blog after that I will think about monetizing Geek Blog tips.

Sahil(KrazyPost): Which fellow bloggers you follow the most?

Nishant: I can answer this question properly here, it’s a huge list of Bloggers some of them are Amit Shaw(Itechcode), Rahul kuntala (Learn blog tips), Derek Halpern (Social trigers), Ileane Smith (Basic Blog tips) , Jane Sheeba (Pro Blogging Success ), Ehsan Ullah (Guide and News) Sorry I can’t mention all, I am following many other great bloggers also.

Sahil(KrazyPost): Any Blogging Tips you would like to give to our readers?

Nishant : Only one Tip i can give, Stop working for Google be Natural Google will love you, most of blogger always try to impress Google, but as per my suggestion just impress your readers, if you make one reader happy he will give you 5 new readers and followers in return, and if you have followers who are giving you new followers then search engines will also love your blog.

Sahil(KrazyPost): Any success/failure you would like to share from your blogging journey?

Nishant:I have Long list of failures, I have lots of unfinished projects and I know they will remain unfinished, but I have few successful projects also like Geek Blog Tips, IGNOU CLOUD and some are under construction which will be successful in near future.

Sahil(KrazyPost): Which blogging niche is most famous?

Nishant : I think Technology Niche is very popular and crowded but still it has lots of scope, I am writing an E book specially for new bloggers who wants start their Blogging on Tech Blog.

We, all readers from KrazyPost,com wishes Nishant All the best for his blogging career.

Also, Nishant is coming up with an eBook about blogging – We give best wishes to him for the book. And I hope this interview inspired you take some more steps in your blogging path.

Happy Blogging.!!!


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