Let the Blogger Speak – Interview with Ammar Ali from All Blogging Tips

Ammar Ali

Hello Fans and Readers of KrazyPost.com, welcome back to the interview section on the blog.

We have launched  “Blogger Interview Section“ where your see your favorite blogger speaking to you, last week we met “Nishant Srivastava from Geek Blog Tips” and I hope you did like the article and learnt something new in blogging.

Today, we would be going through insight of one more such icon in the blogosphere. His name is Ammar Ali – man behind allbloggingtips.com. He is one of the younger blogger in the community, he is very kind person and always ready to help new blogger.

Today, we would take an insight of him through this interview, hope you would like it.

Ammar Ali
Ammar Ali

Sahil(KrazyPost): Please tell us about yourself and your blog ?

Ammar Ali:Thanks for giving me opportunity to get featured here.

I’m Ammar. Founder of AllBloggingTips.com
I’m a young part time blogger, affiliate marketer and student currently living in Islamabad, Pakistan. I’m doing software engineering.

Sahil(KrazyPost): I have heard that you are one of the young blogger in blogging world?

Ammar Ali:You’re right. I started blogging back in the mid of 2011. However, My first blog did go live on 1st December 2011. My age is 18.

Sahil(KrazyPost): When and Why did you start blogging?

Ammar Ali:Well, Just like other bloggers I also have a long story behind this.

Around 2 years ago my father bought 3 sites with adsense. Unfortunately all of them were hacked and adsense was disabled.

From that I decided to build new blog. I started with free hosting and domain. I started taking interest in Blogspot and WordPress. Later on I realized it’s the right time to choose blogging as career. I registered my first domain name AllBloggingTips.com and bought hosting. Now I’m blogging for passion.

Sahil(KrazyPost): Are you a part time blogger or a full time blogger?

Ammar Ali:As I said earlier. I’m a part time blogger.

Sahil(KrazyPost): What do you do apart from blogging?

Ammar Ali:I’m a student. So apart from blogging and study. I love to spend time with my friends and family. I also play cricket on holidays.

Sahil(KrazyPost): How much time do you spend on your blog weekly?

Ammar Ali:I spend daily around 2-3 hours. On holidays I spend over 5-6 hours creating useful content, replying to emails, reading articles online and focusing more on getting traffic from social media.

Sahil(KrazyPost): How blogging has changed your life?

Ammar Ali:Blogging has changed my life. I really love it. I’ve good recognition online through blogging.

Sahil(KrazyPost): What inspires you to blog?

Ammar Ali:I want to help new bloggers this is my inspiration.

Sahil(KrazyPost): Which blogging platform you prefer? WordPress/Blogger – Why?

Ammar Ali:I’ve used both in earlier days of blogging. Both are good But I STRONGLY recommend WordPress.

It is easy to use, have lot of features, plugins and awesome themes. Managing blogs is very easy with WordPress. WordPress is very flexible, attractive.

Sahil(KrazyPost): Which are other blog you own?

Ammar Ali:I’ve 2 other blogs. I’m not working on them.So Right now I’ve only 1 blog that is AllBloggingTips.com

Sahil(KrazyPost): What do you do to drive traffic to your blog?

Ammar Ali:I’m using these ways to drive traffic

Search Engine Optimization
Social Media (FB, Twitter)
Blog Commenting
Guest Blogging
Releasing Templates
Providing Widgets with link back to my blog

Sahil(KrazyPost): How do you Monetize your blog?

Ammar Ali:Great question. I’m NOT using Google Adsense!

My first and best way to monetize my blog is affiliate marketing. I do promote few products that are useful for my blog readers. I’ve created a Deal pages for this. I also monetize blog with – Sponsored Posts, Direct Ad Sales and Promoting few services to others.

Sahil(KrazyPost): Which fellow bloggers you follow the most?

Ammar Ali:Difficult question. There are many bloggers I’m following its very tough to mention all of them here

Sahil(BloggingPage): Any Blogging Tips you would like to give to our readers?

Ammar Ali: Focus more on creating useful content, improve your blog design. Create strong network with other bloggers in your niche. Don’t worry about SEO.
Provide content that are useful for your blog readers!

Sahil(KrazyPost): Why according to you blogging is increasing ?

Ammar Ali:Because daily search volume is increasing , people using internet are also increasing so that is why blogging is also following this trend.

Sahil(KrazyPost): Can you share your thought about future in blogging?

Ammar Ali:I just want to say that. Stay the course, put in your time, find your voice, build community, and become an expert.
Well, future depends on you. Comparing yourself to another bloggers journey is not good.

Sahil(KrazyPost): Which blogging niche is most famous?

Ammar Ali:Technology niche is becoming more famous these days. Many peoples are jumping day by day.

Sahil(KrazyPost): Any other thing which you would like to share to us?

Ammar Ali:I’ve already giving you few tips above focus on creating useful content, improve blog design. Interact with other bloggers.

Sahil(KrazyPost): Lastly, whats your future plans / goal in blogging?

Ammar Ali: To make AllBloggingTips.com best blog about blogging and starting new blogs in my network.

We, all readers from KrazyPost,com wishes Ammar all the best for his blogging career and allbloggingtips.com become huge for new bloggers.

Happy Blogging.!!!

27 thoughts on “Let the Blogger Speak – Interview with Ammar Ali from All Blogging Tips”

  1. Hey Sahil,
    Thanks for conducting the Interview!! 🙂
    Good To know about Ammar Ali!
    He is doing really great in his blog! (Y)
    All the good wishes are with him and you too!!
    Happy Blogging! 🙂

  2. Don’t mind sahil, but in my point of you i don’t think ammar is good blogger, there are also other bloggers in the blogsphere with brilliant talent like as that of syed faizan ali from mybloggerlab.com.

    1. Mind?

      I don’t take such things serious. Negative feedback always helps me to know what other peoples think about me.

      I always try to improve myself with each day.

      And no doubt, There are many other young talented bloggers all around. It’s hard to find them!

      I’m sure you’ll also get interviewd by someone in near future! 😀

    2. Aqib, everyone has some unique idea of expressing thought, there might be hundreds, still we are one who exist, so never neglect any co-blogger and do appreciate them
      They might be sometimes junior or may be senior to you

  3. Hi Sahil,
    Another Great Interview!
    It’s my first time being introduced to Ammar Ali. It is inspiring to see bloggers starting at such a young age.

    I am glad to learn more about Ammar and his blogging journey and I wish him all the best with his blogging career and his studies.

    Thanks Sahil for such a great Interview and wish you all the best Ammar.

    Be Blessed,


  4. Totally impressed, Infact i also love blogging very much but i hardly get time from my job. I always try to read atleast few of the forum like digital forum, imtalk and follow certain blogs to keep my self update.

  5. I am much impressed to read the way you conduct the interview Sahil; from start to end you tried to extract maximum information from the interviewee and you did so superbly. It means bloggers are really jack of all trades and they can do any work more than an ordinary person. Anyways thanks for sharing such informative stuff that itself is a lengthy disourse on blogging struggle.
    HOw to get the job of your choice

  6. im new to this blogging thing..but highly passionate to start it…anyone pls help me how exactly to start a blog

  7. Very nice Interview. I am inspired and motivated. By the way Sahil you are doing a great job by interviewing successful bloggers. It helps a lot for newbie bloggers to get motivation. Keep douing more and more quality interviews.

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