How to use Google Dorks for Link Building

We all know the importance of links in SEO.  More links pointing to your site means better ranking in search results. But building links is not an easy task. People use things likes guest posting, using dofollow social bookmarking sites , commenting on other blogs etc to build links. Building links by commenting on others blog is the easiest way to build links. But you need to find the right sites for commenting, and Google can help you to find out such right websites for commenting. With the proper use of Google dorks you can find quality blogs for commenting under your niche.

Google dork is the term which is very common among people dealing with penetration testing. But an average internet user is generally not familiar with this term. Google dorks are the combination of special search parameters, that can be used to extract some valuable information from Google.

In this tutorial we will be using Google dorks to find sites for link building. You can find some online tools that uses Google dorks to find blogs for commenting, but I suggest you to learn and do it manually so that you  can use it as per your needs. Before we go ahead let us take a look at important Google terms


Site:  This term is used for searching things from particular websites. If you search site:yourwebsiteurl  then Google will display you results only from your site only.

inurl: This parameter filters the result based on the keywords in the url. If you search inurl:blogging then google will display only those search results which has the word blogging in the url

Keywords in quotes: When you search by putting your keywords in quotes, goggle will display only those pages which exactly matches the keywords you have put in quotes.

Finding Commentluv Premium blogs

All the blogs that uses CommentLuv has the text “This blog uses premium CommentLuv” So we are going to put this text in quotes. To find premium comment luv blogs you can use the below search query

Your Keyword “This blog uses premium CommentLuv” -“The version of CommentLuv on this site is no longer supported.”

Finding Keywordluv enabled blogs

Every keywordluv enabled blog has the text “Enter [email protected]”. So you can search something like this to find keywordluv enabled blog

Yourkeyword  “Enter [email protected]

Finding Intense Debate enabled blogs

Intense debate blogs allows html in the comment. You can you use your url in the intense debate profile also. You can use the following search query to find intense debate enabled blogs

YourKeyword”if you have a website, link to it here” “post a new comment”

Finding .edu site

Not all .edu sites have the option to comment. We need to check if the comments are enabled or not. To check this we will use additional words in quotes. The query will be something like this

Yourkeyword inurl:blog “post a comment” -“you must be logged in”

Finding sites that allows HTML tags

Sites that allows html tags in comments are very useful for link building. You can just comment with your link in the html tag to build links. The syntax for search query is

Yourkeyword  “Allowed HTML tags:”

Finding Express engine powered forums

Express ion engine  powered forum lets you add links in  the signature, the link are dofollow by default. To find the Expression engine enabled forums you can use the below search query.

yourkeyword “powered by expressionengine”

These are some Google dorks that you can use for link building. Using the above dorks you can also create your own dork to find other relevant websites of your use.


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