How to check page rank?

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Today, 4th Feb was the most awaited day of many bloggers who were waiting for Google Page Rank Update.

And today, few are very happy and few have been disheartened with rolled update.

Lets see how to check Page Rank?

Its very simple

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Enter the domain name for which you want to check Page Rank

Page Rank 1
Page Rank 1

Step 3: Enter the captcha code for verification

Page Rank 2
Page Rank 2

Step 4: After submitting, it will show the result with the latest Page Rank Updates.

Page Rank 3
Page Rank 3

Page Rank normally depends on the quality of links you build for your website. This update algorithm is normally changed every 3-6 months.

So if you didn’t got any rank today, don’t be dis-heartened you can work hard for your site/blog to achieve one in next update



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