Blogging Lessons we learn from the bollywood movie Hate Story

Blogging Tips

Most of you will be amazed by the title, as in what do we learn for blogging from the movie Bollywood movie “Hate Story”?

Let me clear this for you, before that most of you have taken blogging as your passion or as a career, I am going to revisit few tips which need not be neglected when you are blogging.

Blogging is taken as a professional career like

  • Harsh Agrawal,
  • Amit Agrawal,

and also some part time passionate bloggers like

  • Myself and many others

As I told, I myself is not a professional blogger so I might be wrong at some places but the fact is, the tips mentioned below will surely help you to get better understanding of blogging. As we do blogging we require success but what we forget is steps to get it. I am going to share some important tips/lessons which we see from the movie and we must learn to follow to get success in blogging career.

Blogging Tips
Blogging Tips

Tip # 1: Blog is your “Brand Name”

Take a Scene from the movie, The Father tells his son “Maine Kuch Nahi se Sab Kuch Banaya Hai”

Similarly, blog will not be built in a day, you have to work hard to make it your brand. The name will then speak for you.

You have to continuously work on your blog to make it a brand name and later on it will surely help you one day.

Tip # 2: For Content Work Hard and try to achieve it

Take a Scene from the movie: “The reporters go for the story of the Judge being bribed.”

The reporters go to any extent for getting hot and breaking news for the paper for which they are paid off.

Similarly, Topics / Contents of your blog are very much important. Readers of your blog wants every time new and unique content on your blog. For this you must write unique things on your blog by which readers stay on your blog. Keep your readers engaged with daily updates on your blog

So always try and hunt for some spicy topics for your blog, remember the mantra “Content is King”

Tip # 3: Opt for good web-hosting

Take a Scene from movie: “Meeting in Mumbai, with “Mr Jai” in a board meeting for the Order, and they come to know from that the cement they have taken is of low quality for the price”

Blogging is your work and you should build it on proper infrastructure. Web Hosting is one important part of infrastructure. It should be you take some cheap hosting and get duped.

Its better to go for renowned hosting provider like BlueHost or Hostgator which provides good customer support. You can find the review for this hosting companies on this blog.

Tip # 4: Never Lie to Readers

Take a Scene from movie: “The company conducting AGM (Annual General Meeting), in that the share holders and customers come to know that they have been cheated.”

The readers are your customers and never lie to them as blogging which is your work runs because your have faithful readers.

Once the faith is lost, the readers stop trusting (By this I mean to say the facts and figure stated in your article) and visiting your blog and ultimately your brand value decreases for your blog.

For writing any article you should have thorough knowledge about the topic. You should become expert in which ever niche you select

Hope this article was useful to you for your blogging guide. Please do comment with your review.

14 thoughts on “Blogging Lessons we learn from the bollywood movie Hate Story”

    1. I agree with you Vivek, if hosting is not affordable then blogger can work, but at the same time infrastructure of blogger is quite better than free/cheap hosting provider

  1. Hi Sahil,

    Great Post and a very creative idea of taking scenes from the movie and applying it to blogging.

    I love all your tips and they are all to be heeded if we need success in the blogosphere.

    Thanks Sahil for sharing.

    Be Blessed,


  2. Great article idea Sahil! You have taken right scenes to explain your point and it has worked really well. Congrats for creating such a great article.
    Thanks for sharing these points with us. 🙂

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