Where to register domain name?

Hello and welcome back to www.krazypost.com, I hope now you have got enough understanding about the domain name and you are ready to get one for yourself.

Now, big question arises,
“From Where can I get a domain name?”

Domain Name Registration
Domain Name Registration

The question to this answer is very simple.

ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has approved many Domain Registrar who allows you to purchase domain name of your choice.

What kind of domain name should I select?

In my previous article I did give some of the tips for selecting a domain name.

So, by now you have chosen one of the best domain name for your business / website / blog.

Here I will list some of the registrar where you can book your domain name. There are many available in the market, but I will discuss with whom I have done the transaction uptil now.

#1 Godaddy.com

Try searching domain name in Google, first and foremost name would appear would be of Godaddy. Godaddy is one of the old domain registrar provider and is leading in the market

Pros of Godaddy.com
Good offers for new domain

Cons of Godaddy.com
Whois Privacy Protect is charged extra
No online support , you have to mail your queries to them

I have personally used Godaddy many a times,even krazypost.com is also registered from Godaddy only

For current offers on Godaddy for “.com” for Rs 163

#2 Bigrock.in

Bigrock is also very well known for domain registration

Pros of Bigrock.in
Heavy discount coupons for all TLDs
Whois security is free

Cons of Bigrock.in
Renewal is a bit expensive

I have personally used BR many a times

For 10% discount on domain name registration apply code “KrazyPost.com”.

#3 Crazydomains.in

Crazy domain is Australian domain provider, and now opened for India

Pros of Crazydomains.in
Cheap Domain for many TLDs

Cons of Crazydomains.in
DNS support is not free
Registration time is more

I have registered few domains with Crazydomains.in as well, currently having heavy discounts for .in domains

#4 Squarebrothers.com

Even Squarebrothers is very well known for domain registrations

Pros of Squarebrothers.com
Good Support (24×7)
Whois security is free

Cons of Squarebrothers.com
Offers on Domain is limited to selected TLDs
Prices of some TLDs is high compared to others

I have used Squarebrothers as well many a times.

Choice is your

I have noted various options for you, now you can select from any of these registrar for registration of domain.

For discount on .in domain on crazydomains.in click here

For getting .com domain at 163 from Godaddy.com click here

In the upcoming article I will show you how to register domain on each registrar and payment options available with each.

So, Stay tuned with me for more interesting articles on domain name.

Also if you like to share experience with any other registrar do mention in the comments section below. Thanks


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