What is Web Hosting and Where to get Web Hosting?

Web Hosting Over the Internet

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Now as you are ready with a domain name for your website and blog. Now its time to have your website or blog hosted somewhere. We

always need some good Web Hosting where your site or blog will be hosted.

Web Hosting Server
Web Hosting Server

Web Hosting is a place where you get space to save your files on the server, which will be accessed on the internet.

Web Hosting Over the Internet
Web Hosting Over the Internet

There are many company providing Web Hosting like BlueHost , Hostgator, Godaddy, etc.

Web hosting play a very important role for serving the customer.

How to select?

Following are most important factor you should consider before opting for any web hosting provider.

  • Up time: Select a hosting company which provides 99% + up time
  • Customer Support: Select a hosting company with good customer support
  • Space and bandwidth: The selected web hosting should provide you the required space and bandwidth
  • Infrastructure: The infrastructure of the web hosting should be upgraded to latest technologies
  • Security: The web hosting should not be prone to server attacks
  • Easy Control Panel: This is indeed necessary for newbies
  • Backup: The web hosting should be having good backup facility in place

If you get satisfactory result for all of the above in any hosting provider you can very well opt for that.

Where to buy Web Hosting?

As discussed earlier, few companies which provides web hosting are BlueHost, Hostgator, DreamHost, JustHost, etc.

If I keep counting I can give hundreds on name, but are they worth buying for your website or blog.

NO, one should select a web hosting provider by considering all the pros and cons.

For BlueHost you can visit : http://www.bluehost.com

For HostGator you can visit: http://www.hostgator.com

For DreamHost you can visit: http://www.dreamhost.com

Web Hosting review?

Though there are hundreds of players in the market providing webhosting, BlueHost and Hostgator are two super players for your blog or small website hosting.

There are some hosting provider which are not preferable for your blog because they don’t have good infra, security, customer support,up time, etc. And you should avoid such. They normally give some cheap or free hosting scheme and you should avoid to fall prey for such.

I, personally have used both, and satisfied with both of them.

In the upcoming post I would describe review of BlueHost and HostGator.

Different Types of Web Hosting.

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