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Hello Friends,

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This blog is dedicated everything related to blogging.

Now friends, who are new to world of blogging let me explain you what exactly blogging is?

And who have little knowledge of blogging or who are expert please help me out if I go wrong anywhere.


Now a days, you must have seen many college going students working online or graduates taking blogging as a career in life.

So, first question everybody ask,

What is blogging?

When asked some, they say blogging as part time money making business by working online.

But the fact is opposite, and even the who are expert will agree with me.

First of all, blogging is nothing but writing blog post from your experience about any of the topics you like and keep updating the content as and when you get time.

For eg, a engineering graduate student can write blog on topics of interview question asked in Placement, which is not only beneficial for him or his friends but also his seniors or juniors who are in same field

Now, hope you understood what exactly blogging is. But in my line I also mention about “blog”, now what is a blog?

Blogging is a activity of writing a online diary and that online diary is called blog.

A blog is written where articles are organised in descending format.

Features of blogging:

You can have your customised design for your blog
No Programming knowledge is required to have a blog
You can have discussion with like minded people over the various topics
You can reach to world by your voice on blog
You can create your own identity over the internet

Remember one thing, blogging is never ending process.
The more you write the more you learn, this is the simple mantra in blogging.

Now, friends you or your relative will ask, this is all fine why people take blogging as career.

The answer is very simple, we take up career in what we like to do and we are paid for that.

A Software Engineer writes a piece of code through out the day and if he is satisfied he goed ahead in IT industry same way a journalist like to write about the topics for his publication.

In the same manner, a person who is well with writing and create impact by his words take blogging as career as well.

They are paid by serving ads on the blog.

I will discuss about the ads in my forth coming topics.

So stay tuned till then…!!!

9 thoughts on “What is blogging and everything related to blogging”

  1. It’s nice to see we both are dealing about almost the same topic these days. I’m also running a ‘how to blog’ series of posts where I discussed from ‘what is blogging’ and reached up to the domain names in these 7 posts.

    You’ve really talked different aspects interestingly. Hard work, smart working, dedication and patience will certainly take you towards success! Good luck!

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