Samsung has officially announced Samsung Galaxy S 2 Plus

Galaxy S ii Plus

Samsung has officially announced updated version of Galaxy S II viz. Galaxy S II Plus.

Galaxy S ii Plus
Galaxy S ii Plus

Though Samsung has not officially launched the device nor specified any updated on the same. But the device will will carry some of the same specs as that with Galaxy S2.

The specs of Galaxy S2+ are as follows as per the announcement:

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
TouchWiz UI
4.3 inch SuperAMOLED Screen
1.2 GHz processor
8GB internal memory 64GB expandable using micro SD card
1650mAh battery
8MP rear camera
3G and WiFi
NFC capability

Reviewing the hardware specs, its not that encourage the buyers to opt for the device.

Lets see the Jelly Bean performance, which might create craze within buyers.

With the same h/w in Galaxy S 2, Jelly should be running on device as well, let see if we can get official updates for it.

Waiting for the price and launch date. So Stay tuned.

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