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Atish Ranjan

Hello Fans and Readers of KrazyPost.com, Welcome again to the blog.

As discussed in my last post, I have started “Blogger Interview” section on my blog.

To start with, we have one of blogger from India – Atish Ranjan of TechTricksWorld.com

So, lets start and have a look what Atish have to say to us.

Atish Ranjan
Atish Ranjan

Sahil(KrazyPost): Please tell us a about yourself and your blog?

Atish: Hey Sahil, First of all I would like to thank you for giving an opportunity to speak something about me and my blogs.
I am Atish Ranjan from Delhi, India. I am a very simple and down to earth guy who loves to spend most of his time in front of his laptop.  My first blog is Techtricksworld.com which is being managed by me and my friend Zainil. Here you can find blogging, SEO tips, technology news and much more. Over the time Techtricksworld became a software giveaway hub. I would like to invite you and your readers to participate in giveaways on my blog.

Sahil(KrazyPost): When and Why did you start blogging?

Atish: I am blogging since 2010 but real journey started when I moved my blog to self hosted domain. In my blogging life there is a person who is not just my blogging partner but a brother and friend too; Zainil Dedhia. He is the person whom I met online in a forum managed by my friend Durgesh [a great person with excellent programming knowledge. He also helped me a lot], Since then me and Zainil are working together.

There is no such reason for blogging but I would like to share that when I had started I was not aware about what I was doing is called “blogging” and it can be a great income source but over the time I learnt so many things about blogging.

The simple reason I can say that I do blogging just because I love it. Fortunately what I love became a great income source for me. J

Sahil(KrazyPost): How did you enter the blogging world?

Atish: Ummm! I mentioned above that I met Zainil in a forum and then I had started a blog on blogspot without knowing what is that? And I was started just to know what is this all about. Zainil told me a little about posting articles on blogspot and hence I have started. Zainil was also a contributor for that blog. Gradually we started getting very good response, hence we have moved our blog to self hosted domain and hosting. Since then we are blogging successfully and later started 2 more blogs.

Sahil(KrazyPost): Are you a part time blogger or a full time blogger?

Atish: Part time but want to make it full time. Hope that day will come soon J.

Sahil(KrazyPost): What do you do apart from blogging?

Atish: I work as Sr. SEO in an IT company where I manage SEO and SEM.

Sahil(KrazyPost): How much time do you spend on your blog weekly?

Atish: After finishing my day job I return home and devote time to blogging for 2-3 hours daily and give more time on weekends. Total of more than 20 hours a week

Sahil(KrazyPost):How blogging has changed your life?

Atish: Blogging has completely changed my life. Before blogging I was not sure what to do in my spare time hence all the time was going to waste but as I came into blogging arena I always have much more things to do so all of my time spend in learning and implementing new stuffs. No more wastage of time. J Apart from this I have got a good recognition in blogging arena. I always feel good because I have got great guys, followers and friends in the blogosphere with whom I discuss new things and all.

 Sahil(KrazyPost): What inspires you to blog?

Atish: The Feeling!  Whenever I sit to do my blogging stuffs I feel so relaxed and calm. Love the feeling. If I am not able to blog for few days then I get bored and feel like something missing. In short, I would like to say that blogging became an important part of my life and I cannot live without it.

Sahil(KrazyPost): Which are other blog you own?

Atish: Currently I am managing 3 blogs with the support of Zainil. Here are they:-




Sahil(KrazyPost): Which blogging platform you prefer? WordPress/Blogger – Why?

Atish: Both are good in their own ways. If you are beginner then you may start with blogger but If you want to do professionally then I would suggest to go with WordPress as having own domain and hosting gives you full access of your files and folders on web space. Also wordpress is more flexible than blogger; WP plugins are there to customize your blog at your own ease.
If you ask me to answer this question in a single word then My answer would be “Wordpress” because it is more flexible, more attractive and more productive.

Sahil(KrazyPost): What do you do to drive traffic to your blog?

Atish: For driving traffic I do use better keywords in my posts which help me to get good organic traffic. Apart from this I do blog commenting, guest blogging and share my posts on social media sites. These help me getting good traffic. I am also focusing on relationship building with my readers, fellow bloggers and all. This also helps to get loyal readers.

Sahil(KrazyPost): How do you Monetize your blog?

Atish: Google Adsense, Sponsored reviews, banner ads and affiliate marketing.

Sahil(KrazyPost): Which fellow bloggers you follow the most?

Atish: I am not able to answer this question as I think my fellow bloggers knows the best if they are following me the most. But I love all my fellow bloggers.

Sahil(KrazyPost): Any Blogging Tips you would like to give to our readers?

Atish: Before I give any blogging tips to you I would like to suggest you all to help your juniors and fellow bloggers as much as you can. This will benefit you in the long run. Apart from this I would like to suggest that don’t just start thinking for money from the day you start blogging. Just do hard work to get huge quality organic traffic. You will automatically be making great money. Focus more on Content part. Content is really the king.

Sahil(KrazyPost): Any mistake/success you would like to share from your blogging journey?

Atish:  When I was not fully aware about blogging then I was just posting 200-250 words articles in the very beginning. That was a blunder mistake but as I get to know about the importance of descriptive content I have edited all of them and made more informative. I have underestimated twitter and didn’t use it efficiently, this is my biggest mistake but I am gradually correcting and started using twitter efficiently.

If I talk about success, I can say the biggest success I got when My 6 month blog i.e. Techtricksworld.com got Page Rank 4 and started getting more than 2k page views on daily basis. Later my other blogs 2012onwards and stoogles got very nice Page rank in a very short time. Apart from these I have made great earnings which I never thought. J

After all of this, My biggest success is getting great friends online with great talent. Its hard to find a talented and great friends but blogosphere is full of that kind of guys. It’s a real success that I am a member of that kind of family(i.e. blogosphere.)

Thanks again Sahil for this awesome opportunity

Atish, it was nice speaking to you and getting views about you and blogging.

We, readers of KrazyPost wished you to do well and your blog go ahead a long way.

Hope this interview inspired you about blogging. We do have some more interview so stay tuned for more interviews

78 thoughts on “Let the Blogger Speak – Atish Ranjan from TechTricksWorld”

      1. You rock Atish!

        It is nice seeing you here sharing your past experiences and achievements with newbies and other experienced bloggers on this space.

        As a friend, I love what you do and pray you will continue to do your best in all your endeavours.

        ~ Olawale Daniel

  1. Yo ! Atish , Great Answers . I think you are a great blogger . Sahil , you also did a good job putting up good questions . But I think it could be more unique .

  2. Ohh great to see your interview here Atish! Nice to know about your blogging history. Thanks for sharing it!
    Am a newbie blogger and my long day dream in blogging came true bcoz of Atish Ranjan, as he helped to build my self-hosted domain. Really I stumbled with his helping tendency. Such a talented n exceptional blogger in the blogosphere . Wishing you to achieve great things in blogging!!!
    Thanks to Sahil for sharing this interview.

  3. Atish is the real man, who is always ready to help everyone. I remember, My first guest post was on TechTrickWorld. 🙂

    He is multi talented guy. His SEO skills are superb, even his own written contents are inspirational and make real sense in blogging.

    All the Best Atish 🙂

  4. Hi Sahil

    Great Interview!
    I think Atish is the awesome Blogger, hardworker and busy bee this is what I know about him for the last couple of months. Managing 3 blogs with a job is something out of the world and full credit goes to Atish and to his friend Zainil.

    Last time I asked his support for affiliate marketing(which I will start soon) to which he readily agreed.

    Thanks Sahil for letting everyone know more about Atish.


    1. Thank you so much Sapna. I am always ready to help. If I m not an expert in a particular area then still I will try my best to help everyone. 🙂 :). It means a lot to me when I get such a good comments from a good blogger like u.

  5. Sugandha Agarwal

    Hey Sahil,
    Thanks for the Interview of Atish Bro..He is really a great personality whom i met online and I feel really Proud to call him My Big Brother !! He is always my Inspiration !! He is just not only a good Blogger but yea a very good friend, brother too..!! Apart from blogging he also teach me so many things about life !! Because of Atish Bro only today I know about my future, about life, the value of time..!! 🙂

    I really really want to say Thanks to Atish Bhaiya for always be with me! 🙂 🙂 and I really wish him all d best for his life! 🙂 🙂

    ~ Sugandha!

    1. Hey Sugandha,its nice to hear that this interview was helpful and yes Atish is really a big brother of blogger as well helping others.. Thanks him for that 🙂

      1. Thanks to you n Yes.. I will surely Implement wtever you suggest me..and of course will remember through out my life !! 🙂 🙂

  6. I am dead sure this guy would make huge success in this field because he has really a true blogging attitude. I am thankful to Sahil for sharing the interview of this exceptionally good blogging guy. Sahil I hope you would sharing more such informative stuff for our guidance and inspiration.

  7. Hi Sahil and Atish,

    Thanks so much to both of you for this very fascinating interview, which gives us some real insight into Atish’s blogging journey.

    I’d like to know to what extent Atish thinks his technical background in SEO and SEM has been a factor in his success – you were obviously an expert in this field before you started blogging, Atish, and most of us don’t have that advantage – do you think it’s made a big difference?

    Finding a partner to work with has obviously also been a major factor, from what Atish says, and I think that demonstrates how important it is for us to build relationships with people rather than trying to go it alone. I think it’s difficult for anyone to make it on their own.

    I’m so pleased, too, to hear Atish talk about the importance of ‘giving’ – helping other people out and not just blogging with the sole intention of making money. It strikes me that the most successful bloggers are those who give value by providing great content on their sites.

    A great interview – thank you!


    1. I am honored to see your comment here Sue. I haven’t tried SEM for blogging. apart from it, having a sound knowledge of SEO was an advantage but initially I was not very experienced in SEO even.
      The thing worked for me was my helping attitude. As I tried to help everyone who came to me. This way people started knowing me more and more which really helped a lot to grow. I am still learning and trying to help every needy ones. 🙂

      Thank you so much Sue.

  8. Thanks Sahil for the interview on Atish, it’s amazing to see what he has accomplished in so little time. It’s also interesting to see how a real “techie” became a blogger too. Very inspiring Atish! I also find it relaxing to blog and feel like something is wrong if I don’t for a few days 🙂

    1. Yea Lisa, Initially I was just interested in putting some pc tips and tricks on blog just because I love to share. wan’t aware about the blogging but over the period I came to know about blogging and gradually I became a part time blogger. Planning to become full time blogger very soon. 🙂

      I am glad to see you here Lisa reading and commenting. It means a lot to me.

  9. Hi Sahil,

    Great Interview!

    This is my first visit to your blog but I see that you are doing great as a new blogger. Good Job Sahil. Keep up the good work!

    I have known Atish for a short period of time and I have visited his blogs, but I can tell he is a very talented blogger and from his comments on other blogs, I see that he is also very observing.

    I am glad to learn more about Atish and his blogging journey. He posses one of the main traits of leadership and that’s helping others.

    Thanks Sahil for such a great Interview. You are really doing great with your blog. Keep it up!!

    Be Blessed,


  10. Hi Sahil, thanks for sharing an awesome interview of Atish, and thanks Atish for an awesome insight into your blogging background and ambitions. It’s always motivating to hear about how other bloggers are doing in the blogosphere, and Atish is a young and ambitious blogger with a great path ahead of him.

  11. Atish is a wonderfully talented young guy. And he is like a younger brother to me. What endears him to me is his down-to-earth demeanor and his humility.
    Not many bloggers who have reached that level would even bother to talk to newbies. But he is nice to one and all. And he knows I love him for that!
    God bless you, brother!!

    1. Atish is very kind person and always ready to help to newbies, I am really thankful to him for the interview and also providing some great tips for blogging.

  12. Hi Sahil,

    A great interview with Atish,i was still not aware about this guy.But his dedication and passion is inspirational.I will just after commenting will look into his blog.He made a good point for beginners that stop thinking about money and more focus on content, which i think many newbie dont dio,they only have money on their mind and because of this they loose the quality in the blog.That is bad.
    I also believe and do my self work more on my content ….second comes marketing and promotion that is very important when create a great content.
    Thanks Sahil for sharing the interview ,yet i am knew to your blog but hope to see you around.

    Shorya Bist
    From Youthofest

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog and appreciating the interview.
      Yes, few new bloggers don’t take blogging serious and run after money, which they shouldn’t do it.
      Money will run after them once they make a good blog.
      Atish, is a very good person. you can visit his blog http://www.techtricksworld.com

  13. Hi,
    For the past some days I have been hearing about Atish Rajan and I have become a fan of him. First I heard about you through Nirmala Mam and then afterwards I often see your presence in everyone’s blog. Infact I heard more about from everyone and you where the one who is helping in blogging.

    Congratz for your work and keep helping others. It is really to see such a helping person in current world.

  14. Hey One more interview of yours Atish!.

    I remember when i entered into this world,i saw your “coffee with Atish” where you used to take interview of other bloggers.. from their to getting interviewed.. A nice and strong journey indeed.

    wish you loads of success in your upcoming ventures.

    ~Subhash Chandra

    1. Thanks Subhash, I remember our chats in the early stage of blogging. thanks to see you here again bro! 🙂

      By the way Sahil, for you information Subhash is great talented tech guy!

  15. Atish – Nice to read your interview here. Thanks Sahil for getting all the wanted answers for all of us. It really helps to know what these bloggers do on a daily basis, so that we can adapt some of their ways and make our blogs even better.

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  17. This is always nice to see young bloggers are doing very good. I have read so much about Atish Ranjan on so many blogs. Seems he is doing very good. Keep it up Atish. Nice interview. I agree with your words where you said content is king.

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  19. Atish, thanks for this great interview, blogging success comes from a combination of many actions and its always great to see what those that have obtained success in it have to say.

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