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As explained in my previous article, one of the platform for creating blog is on On, you get a free sub-domain for your blog. You can start your blog on with few easy steps.

In the following tutorials I will explain how to create blog on

Step 1: Go to

When you open the URL, you will find a screen similar to this. Screen 1 Screen 1

Step 2: Now click on “Get Start” button

Step 3: You would see a form which asking necessary details from you

Step 4: Fill up the necessary details

Step 5: After filling up, the form will look as seen in the figure Screen 2 Screen 2

Step 5: For free sub-domain don’t change the blog address and keep it as “”
For having custom domain domain you can modify it, but thats not free.

Step 6: Select the “Basic” package which costs “$0” for free blogging

Step 7: After that click on “Sign UP”

Step 8: After that it will send a email for confirmation

Step 9: Click on “Activate Blog”

Step 10: It will ask to “Follow some interesting topics”

Step 11: Then “Follow Friends”

Step 12: Now it will ask “Blog Title, Description and Language” Enter the respective and go ahead

Step 13: Select a Theme If required you can customize it

Step 14: Your blog is ready to create “First Blog Post”

Step 15: After, you click “Finish” you will be redirected to “Dashboard” where you can manage your blog.

Hope this tutorial was beneficial in creating your blog.

For suggestion, comment below. Happy Blogging

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  1. Hi Sahil,

    Great tutorial explaining the creation of a new blog. I am sure this post will help lots of new people who would like to start a new blog for free. I use wordpress as my blogging platform but I use a self-hosted domain.

    Thanks for sharing Sahil.

    Be Blessed,


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