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As explained in my previous article, one of the platform for creating blog is on On, you get a free sub-domain for your blog on. You can start your blog on with few easy steps.

In the following tutorials I will explain how to create blog on

Step 1: Go to, you need to be signed in via your Google account for using the blogger service.
If you are not a member, then “Sign Up” for Google, then you can start using blogger.

Step 2: If you are ready with Google then, sign in for

Blogger Sign in
Blogger Sign in

Step 3: When you sign in on, you will be directed to the Sign up for blogger with few details about your self.

Blogger Sign Up
Blogger Sign Up

Step 4: After that you will directed to “Dashboard”. As you are creating your blog for the first time, there will not be any blog

Blogger Dashboard
Blogger Dashboard

Step 5: Now click on the “New Blog”

Step 6: A pop up box appears in the window which ask for your blog details

Creating Blog
Creating Blog

Step 7: Write the title, description and select the theme for your blog

Step 8: After that you click “Create blog”

Step 9: Your blog is now ready and you can see in your dashboard. You can start publishing your article now

Blog Creation Completed
Blog Creation Completed

Creating blogs on blogger is much simpler than on

Hope this tutorial was beneficial in creating your blog.

For suggestion, comment below. Happy Blogging

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  1. HI Sahil

    Your post is very informative with the screenshots the screenshots which you have shared. I have my blog on blogger as well. but now work on WordPress most of the times.

    Thanks for sharing this.


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