How to Add / Delete User/Administrator for Google Analytics

Today I faced an issue, I had implemented by Google analytics from my other Gmail Account.

Now i wished to transfer that to my current gmail a/c.

This can be done in few easy steps

  1. Go to your current Google Analytics A/c
  2. Click the Admin tab at the top right after sign in
  3. Here you will get the list of all the a/c or profiles created
  4. Select the account to which you want to add an user/administrator.
  5. After that select the Users tab from multiple tabs available
  6. Click + New User.
  7. Add the gmail id of your new a/c
  8. Give role as user / administrator
  9. Also check the box if you want send an email
  10. Now login to your new gmail a/c here you will see the profile for your added website
Now if you have become the administrator from your new  a/c and you wish to delete the old gmail a/c for your profile
  1. Modify the role of old a/c from administrator to user
  2. Remove the old a/c
  3. Its that simple

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