Different TLD for Domain Name

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Initially I posted “What is domain Name?” In this post about different TLD for domain name.

A TLD is the last part of any domain name
Eg: www.krazypost.com

.com is the TLD for the name


As described combination name and TLD makes the domain name unique

All the TLD needs to be aaproved by ICANN and ICANN approves a particular TLD.

The TLD can be broadly classified into:

Generic TLD

These TLD are very commonly used

  • .com for Commercial Website
  • .net for Network website
  • .org for Non Profit Organization
  • .info for informative sites

Generic Restricted TLD

These TLD are not for everyone

  • .BIZ for Business
  • .NAME for Person Name
  • .PRO for Certified Professional

Country Code specific TLD (ccTLD)

These TLD are specifically for countries,

  • .in for India
  • .co.in for India Third Level domain
  • .it for Italy
  • .us for United States

Similarly there are different country specific TLD.

Also there are some Government reserved TLD live .gov.in, etc.

Enough of this theory, now get practical. Yes, though we have hundreds of TLDs available but the most frequently used are .com, .net, .org.

Once a TLD is booked for name, it will not available for others for a year or until he leaves the domain. So domain name is precious. Some does business with domain name as a stock market. So if you think a name for TLD you like, its obivous you won’t get is one shot, you need to try some permutation and combination with words.

In the upcoming post I will tell you which TLD should prefer for your blog.

Hope this article was useful, do leave your precious comments in the comments section.


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