A 9 year old become Microsoft Master

Who says Indian are not talented?

When it comes to India, parents are reluctant to give access to computers to their children until their college or utmost necessary.

After hearing the report, I think parents will allow their children to work on computers right from childhood.

In the recent news, from TOI, “9-year-old boy becomes youngest Microsoft tech specialist“. Do you believe it or no, its the fact.

A 9 year old boy, named Pranav Kalyan from California has become the youngest Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) uptil now. Until recently, the record was held by Dubai-based Babar Iqbal, who earned the credential when he was 12.

Pranav Kalyan

The boy studies in 4th grade of Willow Elementary School, California, cleared the MCTS exam in ASP.NET Framework 3.5 on January 12.

When speaking to TOI said he has been working on computers from age of 2 and started writing code at the age of six.

Pranav love for maths and the challenge of solving complicated problems helped him write computer programs, which required logical skills. The boy started to write simple HTML code at the age of six. He wants to become a scientist and he works on computer for nearly eight hours in holidays.

Now imagine a 6 year old boy writing a software program, and at age of six we didn’t knew what computer was or today also children aren’t given access to computers.

Should we allow computers?

Now, I don’t say that computer is a waste of time, we should use that in a proper way to get benefits from it. So my question goes to all who have kids, will you allow your kids to use computers?

7 thoughts on “A 9 year old become Microsoft Master”

    1. I also agree with you but we can’t deny the fact, that tech is empowering this kids.
      In India, a 13-15 old guy can become a pro blogger, then age of 9 is nothing.

      Now a days, i have even seen toddlers age of 1-1.5 knows how to play around with IPads and Smartphones, can you imagine?

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