How to reset Sony Xperia S


Hello friends, I am sharing personal experience with my Xperia S phone. There is a true misconception that phone with large amount RAM or processor don’t get hanged.


This is my experience with my Sony Xperia S, the first day only I installed some app and phone got hanged, though I don’t remember the name of the app.

Normally, if any phone is stuck up we just try and remove the battery to restart the phone which actually clears the running memory,this i used to do to any Nokia Series 60 phones which I have used till date.

But this option is not available with Sony Xperia S, it doesn’t allow to remove the battery from the phone.

I was really stuck up, and actually speaking got scared, what happened to my brand new phone as it was not responding at all and only showing some random screen.

Then I actually asked Great Godfather – Google, and I actually found the answer and the trick is very simple.

Just hold the Volume+ key and power button for 10-20 sec and the phone gets reset by itself and start again.

I tried and my phone booted again, I was really happy to get my phone back. Thanks to Google devta.

So, friends remember to soft reset the Sony Xperia S you can follow this trick.

I have not tried this with other device but I am sure it would work for others like Xperia Sola, Xperia U, Xperia P, Xperia SL, etc.

This is not only the case, when phone doesn’t responded, in recent time, once my phone battery was completely drained off and phone doesn’t responded i tried charging from live AC and connecting to PC, but still it doesn’t responded.

So again I went for help from the great Google devta and answer was the same, just reset it with Vol+ and power key.

The response I saw in one of the forum is that, the phone will respond and will vibrate 3 times and it will restart. For details you can check it here.

But, I personally when reset got only one vibrate and then got the indication for charging.

Note: If battery is drained out try resetting after connecting to live AC or else it won’t respond.

So friends this was my experience with Sony Xperia S, if you come across any other trick do let me know.

9 thoughts on “How to reset Sony Xperia S”

  1. Hi Sahil

    I must admit that I don’t use Sony phone but when something is wrong with my BB, I take out the battery, and placing it again there fixes the problems.

    I will share this with my friends who use that.


  2. Hey Sahil, it’s work man, you saved me bro.I wanted to sell My Sony Xperia S for this problem but now i don;t sell my Sony Xperia S, Thanks man for sharing this useful tips.

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