How to check PNR Status on Indian Railway site

Million of passengers travel daily by Indian Railway via Mail and Express.

The booking off the tickets are done 4(Four) months prior to date of journey.

Its not always that we get confirmed ticket, but unfortunately we some sometimes  RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) or sometimes WL ( Waiting List ).

Initially, for getting the status we had to stand in a queue for inquiry about the current status, but this is no the case now.

You can visit the official Indian Railway site and get the current status using the indian railway pnr from the site.

To check the current status, please follow this step:

  1. Open this link in any browser

    PNR Status
    PNR Status
  2. Enter the 10 digit PNR no mentioned in your ticket
  3. Click on “Get Status”
  4. The result would be shown on the separate page
  5. In case you have entered a wrong PNR no or alphabets you can click on “Clear” and enter valid no again

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