Google celebrating its 14th Anniversary today

Google 14th Anniversary

The online search guru “Google” which is answer all your queries and promotes your business across the globe, is celebrating its “14th Anniversary” today.

14 years ago two “Standford University” students – Larry Page and Sergey Brin brought in a concept to change the world of interent users.

Google 14th Anniversary
Google 14th Anniversary

The google has posted a new doodle on the homepage with 14 candles of various colors like red, blue, etc. over the cake engraved with “Google”.

Google doodles have become very much popular these days as its embark events, anniversary and other ocassion.

Many must have not know actually company was incorporated not on Sept 27th, but on Sept 7th till 2005. But later on it changed the date to Sept 27th to coincide the date with the announcement the record no.of pages the engine was indexing.

We, from Tech-O-Guru Team give our best wishes to “Google”. And also keep on going ahead for fellow like us.

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