Computer Work All Day? Eye Care Tips


If you are a IT Professional or Computer Geek, then you almost spend more than half of the day in front of computer.

I, myself is an Programmer and I almost spend 12-14 hrs daily in front of computer either at home or office.

You too are bind by your profession and responsible to do this, but you should know the disadvantages of this or what health hazard it has on you?

I will quickly list down few tips to take care good care of your eyes:

1. Eye Checkup At Regular Interval: Spending more time in front of computer leads to following symptoms headaches, blurry vision, night blindness, etc. You are into a profession and couldn’t neglect this. Its advisable to consult your eye specialist or doctor with this regards.

2. Wear Glasses If Needed: People are very much afraid of wearing glasses while at work. They are very much concerns about looks. But looks will sure matter if you have proper eyesight. When you have a pair of glasses at work, your strain on eyes reduces. So its advisable to opt for glasses

3. Avoid Contact Lenses At Work: Now-a-days, people are opting for contact lenses in lieu of glasses, but this is not at all advisable at work. Avoid using lenses while working. As once you are at work you almost spend 14 hours and doctors advice not to wear lenses more than 8 hours daily. So its better to be simple in glasses at work. I personally do not use lenses at work.

4. Anti-Glare Monitor Screen: The main reason for eye problem is the brightness of the screen which directly felt on the eye retina, this is really harmful. This causes strain on the eyes. Try keeping anti-glare guard in front of your monitor, which will reduce the strain directly on your eyes. Also this will help in reducing headache.

5. Monitor At Distance: Its advisable to keep monitor at a distance of at least at a distance of your length of your hand. You can very easily work with maintaining this distance and reduce the strain on your eyes.

6. Frequent Break: Its advisable to take a small break from your work at regular interval. People boast themselves that they can work 4hours at a stretch but its not a good sign. Take a small break after 1-2 hours to be relaxed at work. Try taking a small walk in between your work.

Quick Guide

Care of your vision is care of your health.

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