Tips for Start Blogging

Blogging Tips
Blogging Tips
Blogging Tips

When people hear the word blog/blogging from you the next they want to know more about it. People now-a-days make their online presence to be recognized globally by having a personal blog. In this article I will give some tips needs to be considered for starting a blog.

As I said, blog will makes your identity

Tips for starting a blog/blogging;
1:Platform for blogging (Free-Vs-Paid Blogging)
Many a people when they start first blog they start with which is free and very much popular for free blogging service. So I would ask you to opt for one. In case you are very much familiar with blogging ideas and concept you can opt for paid service. You can go ahead and have self hosted blog with “WordPress”. For having self hosted blog you need to have a hosting account.

2:Domain Name for your blog
If you have opted for having a paid/self hosted blog then you might require a good domain name. The domain name should be very catchy and must describe your blog in short. Having a domain name creates your web identity. The name should not a trade mark of any identity.

3:Content for blogging
If you are starting a blog, its very important that you start updating and writing blog at regular interval on the topic of your interest. The readers are interested on the content you provide to them. The frequency of writing should be maintained so as to encourage readers to come again and again.

4:Be updated
As you are into blogging, the knowledge about topics of your blogs should be updated by you by following some good news/magazine etc. And always try to follows professional bloggers, who are very much into it.

5:Promote your blog
Promoting your blog is very much important to drive visitors to your blog. Medium of promotion can be Verbal- word of mouth, Social – from social elements like facebook, orkut, twitter, google+, etc. Links submission also plays a main role for promotion. Try to comment on other blogs and always submit your blog link. Try to keep RSS and share buttons on your blog and ask your visitors to use it.

4 thoughts on “Tips for Start Blogging”

  1. Here are some tips from me:

    For platform – WordPress is the best around the globe.

    For domain name – Make it as your own BRAND.

    For Content – Go for basic to advance.

    About Update – 2 or 3 post per a week

    Promotion – Social Media and SEO for long term benefit.

    BTW thanks Sahil for the post!

    PS: If possible disable CAPTCHA Code system from your Comment. It’s disturbing.

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