Why is blogging necessary?


When you ask this question to anyone or to yourself, you must have understood what blogging is?

As I said when I started blogging I didn’t what is a blog, as time passes and I came into world of Internet I came to know the power of blog.

I would first share my personal experience with you, so will answer your query.

As I have stated that I am developer, at many a times I face coding issue.

I along with my friend were doing some modification into Magento-Open Source Shopping Cart, as we were also new to the Magento we started taking help from our beloved friend http://google.com, which took us to many blogs who have shared their experiences on how to go about manipulating and modifying the requirement with in Magento.

So you see, people who have knowledge, if they share it is so possible others can really benefit from the knowledge.

So when any user must have written any post about some point he/she must have also not known that he/she helping some one.

So I insist that blogging is very much necessary.

Tech Blogging
The above example which gave was blog related to coding.

You don’t need to go sharing programming tips always. As not everyone in this world is programmer.

But a blog is that, you share your point of view on topic which you are good at.

A photographer can write about Photography.
A Diamond dealer can share views related to different diamonds and some knowledge related to it.

People do take blogging as full time career/buiseness also, as they know their power which they use to benefit the world out of it. Some people also do part time blogging not only for business but also to share knowledge.

In my later post I will share my blogging journey.

So, in simple word, blog is nothing but a online digital diary where public can share their views.

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