How to Start Blogging?

Start Blogging

I have come across people asking “How to Start Blogging?”

Start Blogging
Start Blogging

The answer to this question is very simple,

Blogging is something you wish to say or spread knowledge you have in todays online world.

Where to blog?
Blogging is taken up by many people now-a-day. People start of with free blogging service which is provided by google a.k.a
Here you get a free blogging platform to share your view round the world. For steps for starting on blogger.

Professional bloggers use self hosted blogs developed on WordPress.

I will surely guide on how to use hosted blogs on wordpress in successive post

What to blog?

You can blog about any topic of your choice, but make sure that the content is very original, copy paste content are not good for your blog. Give your ideas and honest opinion about the topic you write.

E.g.: If you are a banker you can surely write something related to finance but not programming.


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