Google to Start Country-Specific Censorship for Blogs


Google planning to redirect all the traffic of it self hosted blogs( to country specific URLs, which will help over censorship of the blogs.

The details queries related to redirection can be found “Why does my blog redirect to a country-specific URL?” explaining that Google is using the method to limit the impact of censored content.

Readers will be redirected to sites with their own country’s domain name when they try to visit blogs recognized as foreign, as determined by their IP addresses.

“Over the coming weeks you might notice that the URL of a blog you’re reading has been redirected to a country-code top level domain, or “ccTLD.” For example, if you’re in India and viewing [blogname], you might be redirected [blogname] A ccTLD, when it appears, corresponds with the country of the reader’s current location.”

Eg: One of my old blog was redirected to

If you would like to see a non-affected page, you can direct to (NCR stands for “no country redirect”), which places a short term cookie that temporarily prevents geographical redirection.

Google is of the opinion that having local TLD will help in freedom of speech and expression.

As goes my comment, I don’t see any impact on viewing the content, What is your opinion on this?

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