Facebook turns eight



Happy Birthday Facebook, the most popular social networking site, has turned eight.

The estimated active users on the site can be counted above 845 millions and still continues to expand, expected up to 1 billion by this year.

Also, as per Indian User base, it has doubled since last year.

The Facebook was launched on 4th Feb 2004, Mark Zukerberg is best known as the man who built Facebook (CEO of Facebook) and other co-founders who were student of Harvard University.

At early stages, the site was meant for internal use only, but later it was expanded for other universities as well.

Later it was launched world wide and was known as “Facebook.com”.

Orkut was very popular at that time, Slowly, Steadily the site kept updating and reviewing and beating all other social sites and become most loved site.

Presently there are many services which can be handled using your Facebook account. You can even make your fan page, groups, application using API’s and lot more.

Over the years site has grown make it remarkable presence. Lately, it has also applied for IPO and expected to raise $5 billions.

Mark Zukerberg is also in the list of youngest billionaires.

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