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This is my first blog post, Sorry not first blog post but first post on this blog. I do own other blog as well, I would be describing it later. I am a tech- freaky guy and people know me as Sahil.

I am into software development as PHP-MYSQL Developer from India.

I started blogging long before I entered into IT industry.

At that time,I didn’t knew what blogging is and it was just out of curosity that I had a blog on about mobile phones and freshers jobs as I was one of struggling candidate of the country.

Later when I joined as Software Engineer (LAMP) then I came across blogging tool as WordPress on

Later when I was a part of Internet Industry I came to know about domain names and benefits of having one. But at times you can’t decide which name to select for your personal / professional site. You tend to do more research on domain names but you always need to compromise as the liked names are already taken by others.

So you opt to compromise and start with one of the name and later regret of having taken such a name and tend to switch on the name for your blog/site.

I personally have changed my site name 3-4 times, yes it surely afffect SEO, but after all your creditability does matter,

When I came across this name I was much happy as I could do much stuff on the same name.

I will surely keep updating on various topics on my blog for knowledge.

I will surely try and help of how and when to invest in domain name and start self hosted blogs.

Hope you like my site/blog and post

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