My Blogging Journey

Blogging Journey

Hello Friends,

I know you must have thought that what foolish I am writing, But I need to share my blogging experience so others don’t commit same mistake again.

Blogging Journey
Blogging Journey

Blogging as started by me

As stated earlier in “My First Blog Post” about my approach to blogging.

I would like to share my journey in the world on blogging.

I started my blogging long back in April 2008, I was “Fresher” looking out for Software Jobs. I used to give interview as soon I come to know about any job openings in Mumbai(India). As a beginner I had very limited know of what blog is?
I just term every site as simple “website” which gives information to your about their business.

I was totally unaware of power of Internet that time.

Later on, One day my friend told me that he has created a site on through his friends reference which in turn pays some handsome money(through Google Adsense). I was totally shocked to hear that how can google pay just for creating site. I asked my friend please help me also for creating such a site.

Then he told me that you need to keep posting some data on to your site, once you have enough data on your site google will start paying you.

That was the time when my blog was created I came with that name as I was a fresher and looking for jobs in Mumbai.
Actually I didn’t had enough knowledge and data, so started sharing links which I come to know about jobs opening.

This went on for almost 6-7 months, and I got a job in Mumbai (PHP-MYSQL) development. after that I almost forgot that I had a site(sorry blog) which needs to be updated.

As I was into actually web development industry, you have many people around you with same frequency(I use the word frequency bcoz, I am from engineering background), there I met one of my senior colleague who was actually very good at blogging. Then as time passed he advice me to start on WordPress(Self hosted blogs).

In December 2008 I came up with my first self host blog on, I was really very happy and proud as I could say that I own a domain name( I had installed worpdress on to the server and my first self hosted blog was live.

I was still unaware about blogging as a business, I was just happy that I have my site.

As many people know that Software Engineers are the most busiest profession in the world, and to take out time from busy schedule is next to impossible.

So, after buying domain and hosting , I almost forgot that I have blog which is hungry of content.

So I thought what type of sites are there which I can regularly update(regular posting on blog is very essential). So a simple idea stroke my mind that on every occasion and festival, I fall short if SMS(bcoz, that time memory was limited in phones and to keep/save SMS you need to either write it down on some paper or in some digital word file). I thought of launching a site where I can save all my sms in digital format and others can also take advantage of that along with some funny article which are normally used to share via circulating mails .

So was was taken(always remember keyword in domain name is very much necessary), I started posting few post. But as I told earlier I could not update same frequently and traffic to new sites comes only if you have good amount of content.

So, the site was like waste material for me and I could do nothing about it.

When I came to know about the power of keyword with in domain name the same idea stroke me again and finally I decided that this time I would work harder on to go ahead with the site.

Idea behind blogging

So was, was launched on Nov 6, 2009,with a aim that the site will be updated regularly by posting sms.

But to dismay, as site had very limited content generating traffic out of it was very difficult.
But I didn’t lose hope as I knew that this kind of site will be used any time and one day I will surely get traffic.

Today,almost two years have been passed, I do have is my list and I do keep updating it.

In between,as I was techy guy, I always wanted to have site/blog on technology and its kind.

So I booked one more domain(, but the same problem was faced by me, I was lack of content and finally I closed down the domain.

Later, was launched with same concept of tech blog but I had not time is writing content for my site.

Later on, to keep site live I started copy-pasting data from other sites (like technology updates, code tweaks, etc). But I was really once warned by one of the professional blogger(I would not really tell his name), that you have copied data from our site, remove immediately or else we might register case against you.

I was totally shocked, why does he is saying like that, though I have copied the content I have given a backlink to the original post(always necessary). I just removed the content as per instruction by him.

Till this time(almost 3yrs in having and owning a blog), I was totally unaware of what blogging is and how it actually works.

Tips for Blogging

  1. So I started understanding importance of having a proper professional blog, in which people build their identity.
  2. I came to know that, there is no short cut to success(though I never thought of generating hefty money through blog).
  3. Never copy content from any blog, you can hunt for news from daily news, give your reviews, etc. Never Copy.

With this knowledge and concept was built and launched. Yes I do not post regularly on blog but one satisfaction I have now, I do not copy paste any content as it is now. I understand the updates, I see and analyze will this benefit any one?

I would really like to thank a few people who made me understand and helped me in blogging. I would like to clarify one thing, I am not a professional blogger who gives tips and knowledge. You can say me a part time blogger, who likes to share experiences as some one has rightly told “Experience is the best Teacher”. As I have learn only through experience.

So, friends this was my blogging journey uptil now, I will surely update more on my other blog and sites.

So stay tuned

Happy Blogging

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