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Let the Blogger Speak – Interview with Pradeep Kumar from HellBoundBloggers.com

Hello friends and fans, welcome to interview section of KrazyPost.com In this section we interact with some pro and some passionate bloggers around the globe. Hope this section energizes your blogging spirit with in you. Today, we have one more passionate blogger with us in this section – Avinash Mishra, lets see what Avinash has to tell us.

How to add custom domain name for blog on blogger.com

Hello and welcome to KrazyPost.com. In our previous previous post we discuss about creating blog on blogger.com. Today, see how to add custom domain name for blogs created on blogger.com Pointing custom domain for blogger is free of charge. Pointing custom domain can be for top level domain or sub-domain www.yourdomain.com or sub.yourdomain.com Step 1:

How to create blog on blogger.com?

Hello and welcome back to www.krazypost.com As explained in my previous article, one of the platform for creating blog is on blogger.com. On blogger.com, you get a free sub-domain for your blog on. You can start your blog on blogger.com with few easy steps. In the following tutorials I will explain how to create blog

Which blogging platform to select?

Hello Fans and Friends, welcome back to www.krazypost.com. In the recent articles, we talked about What is blogging? and Domain Names Today, we would touch something more on blogging. Blogging As, you know blogging is something, article written in reverse chronological order. Its a type of online diary which is readable by audience over the